Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Five Years After

Fred was driving his brand new SUV and Jeff was his co-pilot. “Are you sure you are reading the map right?” Fred asked and Jeff closed the map and threw it out of the window. “We don’t need the map, lets trust our instinct” Jeff said and Fred stopped the car. “Are you crazy!? Go get the map back, what if we get lost?” he asked. “Relax Fred and just drive, we are on the right track” Jeff assured him and they again started moving.

“It’s been two years since we seen them all and I can’t believe he actually married one of them” Fred said. “Yup after graduation we all went separate ways and Paul really did let them wait, lucky guy he is” Jeff commented and they started laughing. “So who do you think he married?” Fred asked and Jeff shook his head. “I don’t know, if I were in his shoes I would instantly choose Kara. His dream girl, or everyone’s dream girl I should say” Jeff answered. “Well if I were him I would go for Sarah, Paul is himself whenever he is with Sarah. With Kara, Paul is striving to be a different person. But we cannot discount Diane too, they have gone through a lot with Paul” Fred said.

“I remember that day when we ate the sandwiches and I tell you the sandwich of Diane tasted awful” Jeff commented and they again burst in laughter. “I really don’t understand why Paul kept on eating Diane’s chicken sandwich and he even boasted it to us several times” he added. “Well Jeff it’s not really about the sandwich. Maybe it’s their way of expressing their love with each other. You know Paul; he can’t express himself well so maybe with that sandwich he is saying that he truly likes Diane. And in return Diane keeps making him one to express her love for him too” Fred explained.

“Remember Kara’s sandwich tasted awful the first time she let us taste it in school when they broke up. But she kept on improving it and on that day it did taste really good” Jeff recalled and Fred agreed. “Diane never improved on her sandwich, whereas Kara strived hard to make a good one. Sarah was the surprise since we didn’t know she would be making one and it did taste really delicious. So I guess it’s a stalemate between Sarah and Kara” Jeff added. “I told you its not about the sandwich, it goes beyond that” Fred said.

After thirty minutes they arrived and Paul’s new home and they were just in time for their reunion. Seated in front of the house were the three ladies in Paul’s life and they all had wedding rings on their fingers. “Now don’t tell me he married all of you!” Jeff said and three ladies just giggled. Kara was still beautiful and her blond hair grew longer. Sarah was even more beautiful with her short brunette hair until her shoulders. Diane looked more matured and more stunning.
“Hello Jeff and Fred, its been two years, how are you two doing?” Diane asked and Fred grinned at her. “We are doing just fine but tell me is it you?” he asked her and Diane smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Where is Paul by the way?” Jeff asked. “At the backyard with his daughter” Sarah replied and the two men were surprised. “Ah once we see his daughter we shall know who the mother is!” Fred stated and the three ladies giggled and laughed at them.

Meanwhile at the backyard Paul was lying on the grass while a little girl was seated on his chest. “Dada, I am hungry” the little girl said. “You want to go inside now, maybe your uncle Jeff and uncle Fred have arrived?” he asked her and the little girl pinched his nose. “Dada do you love mommy?” she asked and Paul laughed. “Of course my little angel, dada love mommy very much” he told her. “How about me dada?” she asked and Paul embraced her tightly and said “I love you the most Yueena. Come on lets go inside now” he told her.

Everyone was gathered inside and they all greeted Paul as he came in. Yueena hid behind his legs and she took a peep to see who the guests were. “Yueena, don’t be shy now and greet everyone” Paul said but the little girl hid her face. Everyone laughed and Jeff stood up and offered her a candy. “Do you like a candy?” he asked the little girl as he started to unwrap it. Yueena looked at the candy and was embarrassed so she held her father’s pants tightly. “Well if you don’t want it then I will eat it” Jeff said as he put the candy in his mouth. Yueena pouted and kicked Jeff on the leg and everyone was surprised. “Youre a very bad man!” she shouted and more laughter erupted.

“I can see you inherited your fathers behavior” Jeff said as he returned to his seat. “Such a cute little girl…brunette hair too” Fred said as he looked at Sarah curiously. “Yueena go to mommy, me and your uncles will have some catching up to do” Paul said and the two men looked at the child as she ran towards the three ladies. Yueena jumped on the lap of his mother and the two men were surprised so they looked at their friend. Paul just smiled at them and said “Yup, I married her.”

“A tree branch framed on the wall, a ragged doll on the other wall, and what the heck is inside this container? Holy water?” Jeff asked and Yueena tugged on his pants and signaled him to come closer. Jeff kneeled down and the little girl whispered in his ear.
“That’s mommy and dada’s special something”