Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Sarah

A week went by and Sarah came to check on Paul but still he would not open the door. She went to Diane and asked if she has seen him and she became was happy to hear the good news. “Yeah I saw him this morning, he left so early. I did not bother to call out his name since I was sleepy” Diane said Sarah sighed. “Okay then I will be going now, send him my regards if you see him okay?” Sarah said and Diane closed her window.

Sarah had a hunch to where Paul might have gone to so she ran towards the bus stop and took the first bus. It was just a wild guess but she was confident enough to trust her instinct. She walked to the center of the forest to where they held their first date and upon reaching the lake there he was sitting underneath staring at the calm water. Sarah sat beside him and Paul simply glanced at her for a moment then bowed his head.

“Sarah it hurts so much” he uttered and Sarah put her hand around his shoulders. After five minutes he stopped crying and Sarah let him lay his head on her lap. “I knew somehow that you would come here” she told him as she wiped the remaining tears in his eyes. “This was the only place where it didn’t remind me of her, a place where I am happy” he said softly as he closed his eyes.

“Paul I know you are hurting but don’t punish yourself too much. I am sure you will learn to love again and I know there will be lots of girls who would fall in love you. You are an amazing guy; you are kind, thoughtful, and intelligent. So cheer up, it hurts me seeing you like this, I actually miss your laughter and smiles” Sarah said softly. “Thank you Sarah is it okay if I sleep for a while?” he said and Sarah gently brushed her hands on his hair.

The two of them fell asleep for an hour but Sarah suddenly woke up and noticed the dark clouds on the sky. She looked at Paul who was peacefully asleep and she moved her face closer to his. She wanted to kiss him and she drew her lips closer to his, a drop of rain landed on Paul’s forehead and he slowly opened his eyes. They stared at each other for a while as another drop of rain landed. “I think we should go now” Paul whispered so they both stood up and tidied themselves. Sarah started to walk towards the pathway but Paul suddenly held her hand. She turned around and Paul immediately hugged her with both arms. “Thank you” he whispered in her ears and she felt so happy and she slowly put her arms around him.

Rain started to pour but they were still hugging each other, Sarah did not want to let go and she leaned her head against his chest. “It’s been a long time since I played in the rain” Paul said and Sarah looked at him. He smiled at her and she pushed him towards the lake. Paul lost his balance but managed to grab her arms so they both fell into the water. Under the strong rain they played like children, not thinking of anything else and just enjoying the moment.

The following day Paul visited Sarah to check up on her. Sarah was sick and could barely stand as she opened the door. Paul felt guilty because of his idea to play under the rain so he carried Sarah towards the couch. “Have you eaten?” he asked her and Sarah shook her head. “Okay then stay here and I will cook for you. Since it’s my fault I will take care of you until you get well” he told her. Paul got a blanket from her room and placed it on Sarah as she lay on the couch. He prepared breakfast and fed her then watched her the whole day. He cooked her supper and they ate together, after which he tucked her in her bed. “I have to go now but I will return tomorrow morning to cook you breakfast. Do you have a key I can borrow so I don’t have to wake you up?” he asked and Sarah pointed towards her desk.

“Keep your mobile phone on your side so you can call me anytime if you need me okay? I will come rushing here in a speed that you can’t believe I promise” he said and she nodded. Paul kissed her on the forehead which made her smile, “Now you rest and I will be back tomorrow” he told her.

For three straight days Paul took care of Sarah, and slowly but surely she was getting better. On the fourth day Sarah woke up as someone was caressing her hair. She slowly opened her eyes and she was surprised to see her father. “Dad?” she said. “Hush now and go back to sleep” he told her. “Why are you here? Where is mom?” she asked and her father tucked her in the blanket. “You’re friend Paul called me up and told me you were sick so I came as soon as I could. Your mom will be here on the week end” he said and Sarah smiled.

“So who is this Paul, is he your boyfriend?” her father asked. Sarah giggled and smiled again, “No dad, he is just a friend. He is taking care of me, he cooks me breakfast, lunch and dinner. He said he will take care of me until I get better but he does go home at nights” she revealed. “And because of that you are pretending to be still sick?” her father teased her and Sarah blushed. “I am sick, actually I am getting better now” she said. Her father smiled at her and pinched her cheek. “Don’t worry I won’t tell your mother, so you can be honest with me” her father stated. Sarah just smiled at him and shrugged her shoulders and they both laughed.

“By the way Sarah did you notice that there is someone camping in our backyard?” he asked her and she quickly stood up and went to the window. There was a tent on their backyard and at that exact moment someone got out of the tent and to her surprise it was Paul. “Dad, that’s him! That’s Paul my friend” she said. “Why is he camping at our backyard?” he asked her. Sarah remembered what Paul told her, “He told me that whenever I need him I would just call him and he would come rushing here in a speed that I would not even believe, so that’s what he meant” she uttered. They heard the door downstairs open and her father looked at her. “You lent him the key?” he asked and she nodded. “I am sorry dad” she said but her father laughed. “I know why, he told you that so you would not wake up and open the door right?” he told her and she nodded. “Come on then I want to meet your friend” he said but Sarah closed the door and said “Dad let him cook first, and then we can surprise him” and her father laughed.

Once they could smell the cooked food they decided to go down and surprise Paul. Sarah sat down in front of the table and Paul noticed her. “Good morning Sarah, how are you today?” he greeted her. “Paul I would like you to meet my dad” she said and her father came to the dining area to meet him. Paul was surprised and did not know what to do but he saw the outstretched hand of Sarah’s father so he shook his hand. “Good morning sir” Paul said trembling as Sarah’s father patted his back. “Let me taste your cooking Paul, my daughter here says it tastes good” he said and Paul quickly brought out another plate and served him.

The three of them ate breakfast together and Paul was still shaking. “Thank you for taking care of my daughter Paul” Mister Vaugn said. Paul just smiled and nodded his head while Sarah was laughing at him. “He is a shy person daddy, but he gets talkative once you get to know him” she told her father. “Well everything here seems to be in order, and you are in good hands I can see. I will be leaving this afternoon then and we shall come back on the week end” Mr Vaugn stated. “And Paul you don’t have to camp outside, you can sleep inside the house okay?” he added and Paul was surprised.

Paul went home after breakfast to give some time for Sarah to be with her father. He came back in the afternoon just in time as Sarah’s father was about to leave. Paul went at the backyard and he did not find his tent there. He came back in the house and asked Sarah about it. Sarah said she did not know where her father placed it so Paul prepared dinner instead. After dinner they watched television together in the living room when it started to rain outside.

The rain grew stronger and after a few minutes the lights went out. Sarah screamed and grabbed on to Paul who was laughing at her. “I am afraid of the dark!” she said and Paul kept laughing. “Tell me where I can find the candles” Paul told her and she said it was inside the drawer beside the lamp shade. Paul stood up and found his way to the drawer and took out some candles. He lit several candles and the room became brighter. “Come on you should go to your room now” he told her and Sarah grabbed on to his hand and they walked upstairs. Along the way Paul blew out the candle and Sarah screamed and hugged him. “I am just kidding you” he said and Sarah would not let go of him. “Don’t scare me like that I am really scared of the dark” she said.

Once inside the room Paul tucked her in bed, “Okay if you need me I will be downstairs okay?” he said but Sarah got up and held his hand. “Paul…could you sleep beside me…until the lights come back?” she asked and Paul thought for a moment. “Just until the lights come back on okay?” he said and Sarah agreed. They were beside each other in bed and Paul suddenly froze. “Sarah I sense a presence in your room” he whispered and again Sarah screamed and hugged him tighter. Paul was laughing once again and he could clearly see how scared she was. “I told you not to scare me like that” she said. “Sorry, I just like it when you hug me” he told her. They both laughed and after a few minutes the lights came back on.

Paul was about to get up but Sarah hugged him again. He looked at her and asked “Are you still scared even with the lights on?” and she smiled at him. “I’m not really scared of the dark, it was just an excuse for me to do this” she revealed. Paul smiled at her and sat on the bed, Sarah would not let go of his hand, “Stay…just for tonight” she said softly and Paul bowed his head. “Oh I’m sorry Paul, I didn’t mean to…” she was about to say but Paul slowly took off his shoes and got inside the blanket with her. He faced her and put his arm around her. Sarah moved closer to him until their noses touched.

Their eyes met and they quickly looked away, “You still can’t see in the eye” he whispered. “Same as you” she replied. “Now is a good time to try, don’t you think?” Paul told her and Sarah slowly looked at him. They again stared each other in the eyes and they were trembling. Sarah was about to look away but Paul held her head still. “Why can’t you look me in the eyes?” he asked and Sarah started to blush. “Maybe it’s because you make my heart beat faster…how about you?” she asked him. Paul took a deep breath, “Every time I look into your eyes I want to do this” he said and he kissed her on the lips.

Paul moved his head back and looked at Sarah, “Paul, keep looking at my eyes” she whispered and he smiled at her. Their lips again found each other and on this fateful night their friendship grew to another level.