Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Jealousy

The following weekend the group decided to have a house party and Sarah offered to be the host. Paul and Kara arrived early and Sarah let them inside the house. “Hey Sarah where are your parents?” Paul asked and Sarah pretended not to hear him. “Sarah, do you live alone?” Kara asked and Sarah sighed and sat down across them. “My parents are not always here, they do come home three times a month to check on me though” she revealed. Kara felt sad for her and she stood up and sat beside Sarah. “So you are just like Paul, living alone is tough isn’t it?” Kara asked and Sarah nodded. “Well I am used to it but there are times when it gets pretty lonely especially on weekends that’s why I am happy to have friends like you” Sarah said.

“So you cook your own food then?” Paul suddenly asked and Sarah shook her head, “I just buy those microwaveable stuff. “But I saw in your kitchen I think you were preparing sandwiches” Paul said. “No, I was just trying to make some but I changed my mind. Anyway I have to fix some things first so let me leave you guys for the moment” she said and she proceeded to the kitchen. Kara sat beside Paul and she leaned on his shoulder “I feel sad for her Paul” Kara said and he put his arm around her shoulder. “Yeah, I know exactly how she feels” he said. Sarah was watching them from afar but she quickly turned around for she could stand the pain that she was feeling.

Thirty minutes later Diane, Jeff and Fred arrive and the house started to get noisy. “We brought Pizza, beer, Pizza, beer, and there is another box of Pizza and more beer!” Fred said and everyone started laughing. “I brought the stuff!” Jeff announced and everyone looked at him. “What stuff are you talking about?” Paul asked and Jeff grinned at him and hid his bag behind his back. Fred wrestled him to the ground and Paul looked at Kara. “Okay go ahead” she said and Paul leapt on top of the two and the three of them wrestled on the floor.

“Look at them they are like kids” Kara said and Diane started to laugh. “They have always been like that, they are much worse than my five year old brother” she said. “Well its fun watching them, usually this house is so silent so the noise is much welcome” Sarah stated as they watched the three.

Paul was able to pin Jeff down and Fred took hold of the bag. “Quickly open it!” Paul yelled and Fred started to open the bag. “Oh, there’s an anime DVD, and another anime DVD, a PSP, and Miss September!” Fred said and Paul let go of Jeff and went beside Fred. The three gathered around and browsed the magazine, “Paul what are you three looking at?” Kara asked and like an obedient child he stood up “You should be ashamed of yourself bringing a magazine like that here!” he shouted at Jeff. “Hey let’s take a look at the centerfold” Fred said and Paul quickly joined them again. “Paul!” Kara shouted and he took the magazine and hid it inside the bag. “Kara said I can’t view that so you have to sympathize with me since we are friends” Paul said and the three girls started laughing.

“I bet Paul has a stash of those magazines in his room” Kara said and Diane shrugged her shoulders. “Diane tell us is inside Paul’s room” Sarah said and she and Kara looked at her. “I don’t know actually, the last time I went inside his room was when we were little. I think we were six years old back then. He never lets me inside his room but I do go inside of their house. Instead he is the one who comes to my room” Diane revealed.

“Kara what are you three talking about?” Paul asked and Kara just smiled at him. “Don’t come close here since we are talking about you and all of your secrets” Kara teased him and Paul pouted and looked at Diane and Sarah. The three girls start laughing again as he started acting like a kid. “Hey Sarah do you mind if we watch this movie?” Fred asked and Sarah shook her head. The three guys started to watch the movie and started eating while the three girls talked about Paul.

“So what does Paul do in your room?” Kara asked and Diane felt uneasy. “Well he comes to get his wounds healed most of the time whenever he gets into fights. He comes over to play with my brother or most of the time he just comes to sleep on my bed” she said and Kara raised an eyebrow. “Oh no don’t get me wrong, he just sleeps trust me” Diane added and Kara laughed. “Don’t worry I know, I have slept with him three times and he is so innocent. He does not take advantage of me at all, not that I want to but you somehow expect it coming since he is a guy after all but he doesn’t” Kara said and they start giggling. “I wonder if he is gay” Diane commented and the three look at Paul and then they start laughing.

“I have an idea, if you want to know him better let’s play truth or consequence. Paul does not lie so you can ask him whatever you want to know him better” Diane suggested. The girls agreed and they gathered the guys around the living room and they started playing while eating and drinking.

For the first few spins of the bottle it was always Fred and Jeff, they opted to go for the consequences and Paul did really give them hilarious tasks and everyone was enjoying. After thirty minutes and the bottle pointed at Paul and the girls were excited. “Consequence” he said and the girls were disappointed but Jeff had a big grin on his face. “Paul, this is what you call payback. Only Fred and I know about Paul’s little secret so Paul we would like you to showcase that talent in front of everyone” he said and Paul started laughing. “No way! Pick something else I won’t do it” Paul replied. “What secret?” Kara asked and Paul shook his head, “It’s nothing, he was just kidding, Jeff pick something else” Paul told him. “I want to know too” Sarah said and Jeff and Fred were grinning.

“Don’t worry Paul I will be your Rokki but just for the talking part and rest just blow their minds away” Jeff said and Paul smiled and took a deep breath. “Now girls please seat back and enjoy the joy, I’m sure you will love it” Fred said and the girls were excited. Paul and Jeff planned for a moment and after a minute they faced everyone.
Jeff: “yo man”
Paul: “yo”
Jeff: “open up man”
Paul: “what do you want man?”
Jeff: “my girl just caught me”
Paul: “you let her catch you?”
Jeff: “I don't know how I let this happen”
Paul: “with who?”
Jeff: “the girl next door, you know?”
Paul: “man...”
Jeff: “I don't know what to do”
Paul: “say it wasn't you”
Jeff: “alright...but you sing it”

Paul started to sing

honey came in and she caught me red-handed
creeping with the girl next door
picture this we were both butt-naked
banging on the bathroom floor

how could I forget that I had given her an extra key
all this time she was standing there she never took her eyes off me…

Paul continued singing and dancing with Jeff and the girls were clapping and laughing at the same time. As Paul finished his own rendition of Shaggy’s song the girls were still laughing and they could not believe how funny Paul was.

“That was really funny and you didn’t tell me you liked singing” Kara said and Diane agreed with her. Paul felt embarrassed with what he just did but Fred and Jeff were still laughing at him. “It’s something I just do when I am bored and that’s the only song I know” Paul told them as he spun the bottle and it pointed at Jeff. Paul was grinning from ear to ear and Jeff suddenly begged for mercy. Paul made Jeff suffer with the next consequence and almost everyone had a fun time laughing at Jeff as he was made to act like a girl until the house party was over. Jeff retaliated when the bottle pointed at Fred and likewise they got back at Paul. In the end the three of them were acting like girls and the real girls were already in tears from laughing.

“Oh Kara I like your skirt where did you but that, I want to wear one like that” Paul said and Jeff played with his hair and bit his lip and acted sexy. “Did you see the new boy on campus, oooh he is hot, I want him as my boyfriend” Jeff said and Paul and Fred looked at him. “Jeff you are really into that role are you? Is there something you want to tell us?” Fred asked and Jeff continued acting gay and spun the bottle and it pointed at Paul.

“Im tired so I choose the truth” Paul said and the girls kept still and were raring to ask questions. “According to the rules of the house you are supposed to answer all the questions that we want to ask” Kara said and Paul was surprised. “Isn’t it one question only?” Paul asked and Kara shook her head. “This is the rule of Sarah, am I right Sarah?” Kara said and Sarah nodded. Paul sat down on the floor and took a deep breath, “Okay then I guess telling the truth won’t hurt” he said.

“First question, who was your first love?” Kara said and Paul bowed his head and everyone’s eyes were on him. “Okay, but before I answer I would request no follow up questions, would that be alright?” Paul said and Kara looked at the other girls and all agreed. “Fine, who was my first love? Her name is Yana” and Kara felt quite relieved knowing it was not the other two girls beside her. Sarah just nodded but Diane blushed and bowed her head. The questioning continued on and Paul was able to answer everything honestly.

A few moments later Kara asked “Do you like Sarah?” and Paul was so surprised and he looked at Kara suspiciously. “Yes, and I do like Diane too, I like Fred and Jeff but not in a gay-like manner” he replied and everyone laughed. “What I meant is like as in like not as friends” Kara added and Paul sat back and looked at Sarah. “I know where you are getting at so I would say yes. There are some traits of Sarah that I like, there are some traits of Diane that I like, but I love you Kara” he answered and Kara smiled at him.

“I have no more questions for you” Kara told him but Diane quickly interrupted. “I have a question, who did you have your first date with?” she asked and Paul looked at Diane in an angry manner. Sarah started to blush and Kara looked at him. “My first date was with Sarah” he answered and Sarah bowed her head as the two girls looked at her. Kara was obviously irked but she just smiled but Diane was grinning at Paul. “Then tell us who was your first kiss” Sarah said softly and Paul shook his head.

“I am not going to lie so I had my first kiss with Diane” Paul answered and looked at Kara who was surprised. There was tension brewing and the room was filled with silence. “Okay, tell me Paul if ever we break up who among Diane and Sarah would you most likely end up with?” Kara said and Paul again shook his head. “I am not thinking that far, why are you asking me that question?” Paul asked Kara but she insisted that he answer it.

“I don’t want us to break up. I don’t even want to think of that possibility” Paul said but Kara was not satisfied. “Will it be Diane or Sarah, it’s so simple you just have to choose” Kara said and Paul stood up and went outside. “What just happened?” Fred asked and Jeff acted dumb and joked “He would not answer since we were not in the selection but if we were added then I think Paul would choose me” he said and everyone laughed.

Kara went outside and saw Paul seated at the porch, she sat beside him and held his hand. “I am sorry” she said and Paul looked at her and smiled. “It’s okay, I just can’t think of anyone else beyond you” he said and Kara leaned on his shoulder. “I was just jealous because I thought I was your first kiss and it was with me you had your first date” she revealed and Paul put his arm around her. “Don’t be jealous Kara, I promise you from now on you will have all the rest of my firsts” he told her and Kara looked at him and said “I think you are being naughty again.” Paul realized what he just said and he scratched his head, “Oh I did not mean it that way…I meant it in a good way” he said. “So you think having sex with me is not a good thing?” Kara teased him and Paul shyly bowed his head and smiled. “I think it is, I don’t know really…are we going to add that to the list of firsts?” he asked and Kara pinched him in the arm and laughed.

“You are thinking about it are you?” Kara asked him and Paul shook his head. “Not really, sometimes, but there is no need to rush things. I am enjoying just the way we are” he said. “What if I tell you I am thinking about it always” Kara said and looked at him. Paul smiled and said “Well change my answer to often then to be honestly fair” and Kara tickled him. “Maybe on your next sleep over at my place you might get lucky” Kara whispered in his ears and Paul moved away from her and pumped his fist on the air. Kara laughed at him and put her arms around his head, “So don’t make me jealous anymore or else” she whispered and then they kissed.

Sarah was at the window watching them, thinking that it could have been her Paul was kissing.