Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Make Over

One Saturday morning Paul and Jaypee went to an ice cream parlor, Diane was under the weather and her parents were out of town. “Paul mom said I can only have one scoop of ice cream” Jaypee said. “Relax buddy she is not here with us so you can have as much as you want” Paul replied and wiped the kid’s mouth. “You really are the best buddy, I wish you were my brother” said the little child and Paul started laughing. Several tables away Paul’s eyes were fixated on pretty girl sitting alone and enjoying her ice cream. “Hey buddy look do you think that girl is pretty?” Paul asked and pointed towards the girl. Jaypee looked at the girl and pouted, “Yes but I have to say my sister is prettier” he said.

“I did not ask you to compare buddy, I just asked if she is pretty” Paul said and Jaypee took a second look. “Yeah she is, but still my sister is prettier” he exclaimed. “Are you being biased?” Paul asked and Jaypee smiled at him. “Of course she is my sister” the kid replied and Paul started laughing. “Sometimes I really don’t believe that you are only five years old. Hey buddy I know about the wish thing that you made, would it be okay if I became friends with that girl?” Paul said and he looked at Jaypee. “It’s okay but remember just friends” the kid said as he licked his iced cream.

For several minutes Paul just watched the girl eat her ice cream, his eyes were fixated on her and Jaypee was simply watching him. “Go ask her name” Jaypee quipped and Paul looked at him. “What did you say buddy?” he asked the kid. “Nothing is going to happen if you just look at her, go ask her name” Jaypee said. “I think it’s too late she is leaving already” Paul said as his face saddened as he watch the girl leave the ice cream parlor. “Follow her” Jaypee said and Paul looked at him pinched his cheek. “You are really amazing buddy, come on lets follow her” he said and they rush out the ice cream parlor.

They followed the girl but they were keeping their distance and Jaypee noticed it. “We should walk faster buddy or else we are not going to catch up to her” the little kid said. “I…don’t know what to say to her…I think we should go home now” Paul said but Jaypee suddenly let go of his hand and ran towards the girl. Paul ran after Jaypee but a few steps more he froze since the girl stood still on the bus stop. Jaypee looked back at Paul and signaled him to move faster. When Paul caught up with Jaypee the girl rode the bus and again his plan did not materialize due to his indecisiveness. “Come on lets ride the bus too” Jaypee told him as he climbed the steps of the bus, Paul carried him and they both entered the bus.

“Why are we seated so far from her, we could have sat down beside her” Jaypee told him. Paul remained silent as his weakness began to show. He lacked confidence when it comes to girls, without Jaypee he would not even gotten this far. On the next bus stop the girl went off the bus and the two followed her. As they stepped off the bus they saw the girl walking towards a house so they hurried after her. The girl looked back and saw them, she walked even faster and Paul noticed it so they suddenly walked slower. The girl entered a house and the two stood still, “So this is where she lives” Paul said and Jaypee looked at him. “You are too slow buddy, come on lets go knock on their door” the little kid said but Paul held his hand. “You know what forget it, I changed my mind already. Let’s just go home now” he said as they started to walk back to the bus stop. Paul saw a tree branch so he stood still, “Hey buddy do you think I can reach that branch?” he asked. “I don’t think so” replied the kid. “I think I can, stand back” he told Jaypee as he walked backwards several steps in order to gain momentum.

Paul ran towards the branch then leapt high, with two hands he was able to get hold of the branch and Jaypee was amazed and started jumping for joy. “You see buddy, I told I can do it” Paul said but a few seconds later he heard a cracking sound, the branch snapped and he fell towards the ground back first. Jaypee rushed to Paul’s side as he lay there motionless with his eyes closed. “Are you okay?” he heard a girls voice say and as he opened his eyes there she was the girl they have been following.

Paul quickly stood up and held on to his back as he scratched his head. “Yeah I am fine, this is so embarrassing” he said. The girl laughed and asked “Were you following me?” and Paul instantly said “No!” but Jaypee said otherwise. “Yes. My buddy here wanted to be friends with you. Just friends take note” the kid said. “Hello, my name is Sarah, what’s your name?” the girl said as she bent over to shake Jaypee’s hand. “I’m Jaypee, my buddy here is Paul” as he pointed towards his buddy. “From the ice cream parlor right?” she asked Paul and he nodded. “Well you didn’t have to follow me home, you could have just approached me back then” Sarah said and Paul bowed his head. “My buddy is says you are pretty, but my sister is prettier than you” Jaypee said and Paul was shocked so he pulled the kid aside and covered his mouth. “Sorry about that, this kid is quite talkative” Paul said and Sarah smiled at them.

“Well we have to get going now, sorry for the tree branch” Paul said as he held the kid’s hand. “Nice meeting you two. I have to get back inside too, see you around” she said and they parted ways. On the bus Paul was smiling as Jaypee was asleep on his lap. Paul carried a sleeping Jaypee on his arms as they headed back home. Diane was in front of their house to meet them, “Where have you two been?” she asked and Jaypee suddenly woke up and said “We went to follow a girl home” and Paul again covered his mouth. Diane opened the door and led them inside then she instructed her brother to get changed.

She noticed Paul’s swollen finger so she went to get the first aid kit. “Wait for me in my room” she said and Paul diligently went inside. As Diane entered the room she sat down beside Paul, “Give me your hand” she said but he refused to do so. “No its okay, this is nothing” he answered. Diane grabbed his hand and looked at the finger, “Tell me what happened” she said as she started to get the nippers and started to pull the small blister in his finger. “Well I saw a tree branch and I jumped and hanged on to it, sad to say it snapped and I fell to the ground” he told her. Diane was silent as she was able to pull out the tiny blister inside his finger. “So tell me about her” she suddenly said and Paul bowed his head and remained silent.

“What’s her name?” she asked and Paul sighed and lay on the bed. “Sarah, but it’s not going to work out I know, I already made a fool of myself” he revealed and she lay down beside him. “Do you remember the first one? Jenny, you were so happy and so much fond of her but you messed up. Then there was Cathy, the hot chick, you signed up for the Red Cross training just to see her every day. I really thought you were going to make good with Lana since you became friends and all but friends you were only” Diane recalled.

“I don’t know why but I always choke when it comes to girls. Maybe I just don’t have it, look at me I look pathetic right?” Paul said and sighed. “You just lack confidence, maybe you should change the way you look” Diane suggested. Paul looked at Diane curiously, “Tell me honestly is there a little bit of attractiveness in me?” he asked her. “Yes but you look gloomy and dirty” she said. “Dirty? I look dirty?” Paul asked in shock. Diane giggled and laughed and patted his head. “You should cut your hair and start looking neat, we are going to college already and there will be many girls for you to choose from” she said.

“Cut my hair and look neat, just like years ago and if I remember correctly it did not do me any good too” he said. “Look at it this way; it’s not the outer appearance that is important, it’s what’s inside of you. You are a very kind, sweet, and thoughtful person. A lot of girls would fall for those traits” she revealed. “Yeah that is if they get past the outer appearance” he said. “I tell you the outer appearance is not that important, it’s what’s inside that counts” she repeats and Paul looks at her. “Yeah just like you right, you told me I am not your type even though you say I am kind, sweet and thoughtful so what’s missing then…the outer appearance am I right?” he stated.

Diane was speechless and again regretting what she has said to him. “Paul that’s not what I meant…you see the truth is…” she was about to say but Paul patted her shoulder. “It’s alright Diane, I don’t blame you. I am contented with being your friend, so let’s not talk about it anymore” he said softly. Paul got up and headed towards the window, at that moment Diane wanted to tell him the truth but she did not have the courage to do so. “Would you like to stay for dinner” she asked him. Paul opened the window and went outside, “Maybe next time, I have some things on my mind that I want to clear. Thanks for the advice Diane, see you tomorrow” he said as he shut the window closed.

The first day of college arrived and Diane was waiting for Paul to come out of his home. A few minutes later the door opened and Diane’s jaw dropped as she saw him. “What? What’s with that frozen state of yours?” he asked her. “Paul…you look…” she paused and Paul closed the door behind him and stared at her. “I look terrible right?” he said and she shook her head. “Oh come on were going to be late” he said and they started walking to the bus stop.

Even inside the classroom Diane kept staring at Paul and he began to notice it. “Diane you have been staring at me since this morning, what gives?” he asked her. “You look different…you look handsome today” she said softly but Paul had freight written all over his face. “Diane that’s her, that’s Sarah. She is in our class, hide me quick!” he said and he moved closer to her in order to hide his face. Diane turned to look at Sarah and she saw a pretty girl with long straight brunette hair and a slender body “Paul she waiving at you” she told him. “Me? She is waiving at me?” he asked as he bowed his head. “Yes i do believe she is waiving at you since I don’t know her” she replied. Paul grabbed onto Diane’s arm and asked “What should I do? Should I waive back?” and Diane laughed at him nodding her head. When Paul was about to waive his hand at Sarah she was already seated. “Damn! Too late, I can’t believe she was waiving at me, anyway what you were saying something about me” he said.

Diane shook her head and looked forward and softly said “Sarah is pretty isn’t she?” and Paul slouched on the seat and said “She sure is” and somehow at that moment Diane felt a slight pain in her heart.