Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: First Kiss

Paul’s most awaited day has arrived and his body was shaking all over. He was too scared to knock on the door but to his surprise it suddenly opened. Kara greeted him with a smile and the more nervous he became. “Come inside Paul, my parents would like to meet you” she said. At that exact moment he felt his feet cemented on the ground as he could not advance a step. “Come on Paul don’t be shy” she said and she pulled his arm and smiled at him.

Once inside he was surprised to see Kara’s parent seated on the living room. They sat across Kara’s parents and Paul instantly bowed his head. “Mom, Dad, this is the guy I have been telling you, this is Paul” Kara said. Paul smiled and then bowed his head again to which it elicited laughter from Kara’s parents. “He sure is a shy one” Mister Miller commented. “Paul you don’t have to be shy in front of us, Kara has been telling us great things about you, and actually she cannot stop talking about you” Mrs. Miller said. “Mom! You are embarrassing me. Paul my mom is lying” Kara said and Paul was able to laugh a bit. “Okay then let me leave you three here and I shall cook lunch” Mrs. Miller said and she stood up. “Madam I know how to cook, would you like me to help you?” Paul offered and everyone looked surprised.

“Paul you can cook?” Kara asked in amazement and Paul nodded. “That’s a first, well then why not let Paul cook for us then” Mr. Miller suggested and his wife smiled. “Okay let me show you the kitchen then” Mrs. Miller said and Kara objected. “Mom we are supposed to go on a date with Paul!” she said and Paul quickly pacified her. “It’s okay Kara, we can go out after” he told her and Kara sat down on the couch and pouted. Paul and Mrs. Miller proceeded to the kitchen and a few minutes later Kara’s mom came back to the living room. “Where’s Paul?” Kara asked and Mrs. Miller said “Well he said he works better alone and he sure does know his way in the kitchen so I left him there.”

An hour later everyone gather around the dining table and Paul watched Kara’s parents as they were about to taste his own rendition of beef stew. Kara was disappointed and still was pouting and she was not in the mood for eating. “I’m sorry if you find the beef hard, I wanted to soften it up more but time didn’t allow me too” Paul said and Mr. Miller took his first taste. Paul watched closely as Mr. Miller chewed his food, his attention turned to Mrs. Miller who had her first taste too. Paul was worried as Mr. Miller closed his eyes but suddenly he took in another spoonful. “Jesus Christ this boy can cook!” he exclaimed. Kara was surprised as she looked at her father who took in another mouthful, “Now now eat slowly. Paul this is really delicious” Mrs. Miller said and Paul was so relieved to hear that.

Paul scooped a spoonful and offered it to Kara, “Here Kara have a taste” he said and Kara looked surprised as she turned to her mother and father. “Come on Kara it’s starting to drip” Paul said and she opened her mouth and ate it. Kara smiled and looked at Paul who wiped the sauce from her lip. “Oh look at that they are so sweet” Mrs. Miller said. “Reminds me of how we were before” Mr. Miller said and they both held each other’s hand. At the sight of her parents holding hands, tears suddenly started falling from Kara’s eyes. “Kara is there something wrong?” Paul asked but she smiled and shook her head. “Spicy” she whispered and everyone started laughing.

After lunch the young couple was seated on the sofa, “Kara are you ready to go?” he asked her. “Go where Paul?” she asked. “On our date remember?” he said and she shook her head. “This is our date Paul” she said and he was confused. “A while ago I was mad because I was expecting something just between the two of us but somehow I am happy” she said. “Happy? But you were crying a while ago over lunch, and the food wasn’t that spicy” he said.

Kara felt embarrassed and looked away, “A while ago over lunch I saw a scene that I have not seen for a long time. You see my mom and dad were planning on separating but a while ago seeing them holding hands and smiling at each made me feel so happy” she revealed. “I don’t remember drugging them, we ate what they ate but we were not holding hands” Paul said and suddenly Kara held his hand. Paul was surprised and looked at her “Maybe it was the food after all” he joked and they both laughed. As their laughs faded, they both found their eyes locked on to each other, their faces growing closer and their lips almost touching. “I don’t remember seeing your parents kissing” Paul said and they again burst in laughter. Kara then kissed Paul on his cheek and again he smiled with delight. “Now I really am getting used to that” he said.

Paul went home happy and Diane noticed it. “You seem to be happy today?” she said and Paul turned around and saw Diane leaning on her window. “I just had my first date with Kara and I must say it was successful” he said. “Come inside and tell me about it” she said but Paul stood still. “I know, chicken sandwich right?” she said and Paul came rushing towards her window. Paul quickly jumped on her bed and Diane already had a sandwich on her hand. “I knew you were coming so made it a while ago” she said as she handed the sandwich to him.

Paul told Diane everything while eating the sandwich; little did he know that little by little it was breaking her heart. “So you already made a good impression on her parents” she told him and he nodded as he was chewing. “Now my problem is I have to get ready for our first kiss” Paul said and Diane clenched her fists and looked at him. “A while ago we almost did and I must admit I was so nervous. I did not know what to do and I was afraid that I might mess it up so even though I wanted to I just cracked a joke and she ended up kissing me again on my cheek” he revealed.

“So I was thinking if you could lend me some movies that have kissing scenes in them so I can learn how to do it correctly” he told her. Diane turned around and kept still, “Watching movies won’t do you any good, you have to try the real kiss” she softly uttered. Paul started to laugh and moved closer to her, “And you think some girl would agree to let me practice a kiss with them” he said. “There is one girl I know” Diane said and Paul looked at her. “Me” she said and Paul was surprised and almost choked on the sandwich.

“You would do that for me?” Paul asked her and Diane looked away blushing. “Yes, if it would help you then I would do that” she said and Paul started laughing but Diane looked at her seriously. Paul felt silent and thought about it. “Diane I think I can’t, you are my best friend and I think it would feel awkward” Paul said. “It’s just a kiss…I’m just helping you out. So if you don’t want to then that’s fine with me” she replied and silence once again filled the room. Diane looked away and felt embarrassed for her offer and Paul was really confused at that moment.

“Okay, so tell me what to do” Paul suddenly said and Diane looked at him. “I think its better if we stand” she suggested so Paul quickly got out of bed and stood in front of her. Diane stood up and faced him, she took a deep breath and she noticed he was shaking all over. “Paul you have to relax a little” she told him and Paul took a deep breath, “So we just kiss standing and where should I put my hands?” he asked. “Well you will know where to put them when it happens” she said and Paul momentarily looked at her chest. Diane noticed his eyes on her breast so she pinched his arm. “You are looking at my breasts, we are practicing for a kiss and nothing else!” she yelled.

Paul scratched his head and felt embarrassed, “I wasn’t intending to touch your breasts, well I actually thought my hand should be there” he joked. Diane pulled his hands and placed them on her waist. “For now keep them there, when you and Kara do it I don’t care where you put your hands” she said. “I really didn’t intend to…” he was about to say but Diane placed her hands around his head. “Diane, how come my heart is beating so fast?” Paul asked and she just pouted.

“Do I just keep my hands there or should I be squeezing a little…or moving it upwards…sideways?” he asked and Diane pulled his head closer and said “Oh Paul just shut up and kiss me” and their eyes gazed into each other. Paul closed his eyes and Diane laughed at him. “You don’t have to close your eyes yet our lips have not touched each other” she told him he just smiled. Their heads moved closer to each other and their lips almost touching one another, “Diane why are you closing you eyes our lips have not touched yet?” Paul asked and Diane suddenly blushed.

“I didn’t know kissing would be this difficult, in the movies it seems so easy” Paul commented and Diane took a deep breath. “Paul you talk too much, all you have to do is get the feel of it and you have to relax” she told him. “Okay, but what do I do when our lips touch? Where do I tilt my head? How long should our lips be together?” he asked her and Diane suddenly pulled his head closer and their lips touched. Paul was surprised and his eyes were wide open looking at Diane but she already had her eyes closed. He relaxed and closed his eyes, he was with Diane, his best friend and they were kissing. Something felt awkward but he has liked her for a long time, he did not think anymore and he just enjoyed the first kiss of his life.

After thirty seconds Paul pulled away and looked at Diane who slowly opened her eyes. “How did I do?” he asked. “Your lips are soft, it felt good” she told him and he looked at her curiously. Diane turned around quickly, “I meant you did fine” she said and Paul laughed. “Should we try it again? Practice makes perfect you know” he suggested. “No, you will be fine and I have to do school work now so you have to go” she told him.

“Since when did you have to do school work privately? We used to do it together” Paul said. “Well times change so go home now Paul” she told him and she walked towards the window. Paul jumped out of the window but looked at her. “Diane, about the kiss…” he was about to say but she quickly interrupted. “It was just a kiss Paul and nothing more” she said. “To you maybe it was just a kiss but you know I have wanted to kiss you for a long time. It is really funny but I really liked it, so I don’t feel bad anymore because you dumped me, I got to kiss you in the end” he revealed and smiled at her.

Diane was speechless and simply looked at him, Paul walked away and waived at her. She did enjoy the kiss but was now full or regrets, she knew that he was starting to fade away from her. And when he is totally gone that kiss will haunt her forever.