Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Why I Like Him

A month passed and Paul and Kara were inseparable. Paul introduced Kara to all of his friends and they were able to get along with her. The three girls became friends and they often hang out with each other when Paul is not around.

One Saturday morning everyone decided to go out but they found themselves stuck at the ice cream parlor. “If you guys want to watch that cartoon movie then go ahead, we will go somewhere else” Diane said. “Excuse me it’s an anime not a cartoon” Jeff pointed out. “Okay relax everyone, we can settle this amicably, why don’t you ladies come with us to watch the anime and we came go with you wherever you want later” Paul suggested. “Who watches those anyway? Aren’t those for kids?” Diane said. “Hey hey watch your mouth, even adults do watch anime!” Fred told her. Paul sighed and looked at Kara who was smiling at him.

“Thank God you are here, with just one smile you can remove the stress that I’m feeling. Can you help me resolve this issue?” Paul asked Kara and she nodded. “Excuse me for a moment, what if the guys just go and watch the anime and we ladies shall hang out with each other. We could meet again after the movie” Kara said and Jeff and Fred smiled at her. “I want to watch the anime too” Sarah said and Diane sighed. “Okay then it will be just me and Diane. Lets meet at the mall after two hours is that okay?” Kara said and everyone nodded.

Diane and Kara were left behind and there was a feeling of uneasiness between them. “So where do you want to go?” Diane asked but signaled the waiter to come over. “Let’s stay here and talk, we need to iron out some issues” Kara said and the waiter arrived to take their order. After they have chosen their snacks Kara took a deep breath and looked at Diane. “I have wanted to talk to you for a long time now. I want to ask you why you hate me that much?” she said and Diane was so surprised.

“Why do you say I hate you?” Diane asked her. “I know you are Paul’s best friend and I expected to be closer to you compared to the others but you are the only one distant from me. You can’t look me in the eye, you avoid me, and you don’t acknowledge my presence most of the time” Kara explained. “Maybe I just don’t trust you yet” Diane replied and Kara shook her head. “You don’t trust me? Do you think I am just playing with Paul?” Kara asked and Diane nodded.

“Paul is my best friend so you can’t blame me if I am over protective of him. I want him to be happy but somehow something tells me that you are just playing with his heart” Diane revealed and Kara started to get angry. “Kara please don’t get mad, but look at it this way, you are Kara Miller and he is Paul. You are the most beautiful girl in school and quite famous, I can’t quite fit Paul into that puzzle” Diane explained and the angrier Kara became. “You call yourself his best friend? By the way you sound you are belittling him! Shame on you Diane! I love Paul and he is such a wonderful guy and you among all people should know that!” Kara yelled and everyone looked at them.

“People say I am beautiful but I don’t feel that way, I am just an ordinary girl too. Why do you have to criticize our relationship based on popularity and looks? Are you that blind and discriminate? One day as I was walking home I saw a couple of guys beating up this little guy and all of a sudden he arrived and beat the crap out of the bullies. It was just like a movie where the hero arrives on time. He helped the guy to the hospital and I followed him because I was worried since he was bloody all over. A few minutes later he walked out of the hospital still bloody and he just walked calmly with his head bowed since everyone was staring at him. People were whispering and talking harsh words and I wanted to scream at them and tell them that he just rescued a guy but I had no confidence to do so.

Ever since that day I could not get him out of my mind, the hero image of him stuck in my memories. Then at school I saw him in the canteen, he was just a normal guy who was laughing with his friends. Then again someone needed help, a guy was choking and I looked at him and saw there was no hesitation in his eyes. He leapt over the table, and it gave me goose bumps seeing an amazing move, he ran towards the choking guy and a minute later they were shaking hands.

After saving a person and getting the cheers from everyone he was still shy and they left the canteen. I followed him outside and I really wanted to know him. To my surprise he walked towards me and all I can do was look at him, my heart beat so fast and all I can do was stand there. Six more steps and he stopped and he turned around and walked away, I was frustrated that time but I just smiled at him because I was ashamed to go to him.

One rainy day I saw him standing beside the building, I ran inside and looked for an umbrella. I called up my friend to bring me an umbrella so I could share it with him. I was pacing because I was worried thinking that he might be gone so I decided to invite him to walk with me under the rain. It’s a bit silly but I really was that desperate to get to know him. Once I walked towards him I saw he had an umbrella and I knew this was my chance.

I wrapped my arms around his arm and we walked together. I thought I was just imagining things when I saw him smiling but once we got to my house he mumbled and acted funny. That day I knew he liked me too but I did not see him anymore after that day and that’s when I met Kevin. Even though I knew he was a player I thought he would change so I dated him. I saw him kiss another girl and so I confronted him about it and told him that we are over. People thought with what I said we are a couple but what I meant to say was I didn’t want to date him or see him anymore.

He was about to slap me and I closed my eyes and thought of Paul to come rescue me. I heard the slap but I didn’t feel anything so slowly opened my eyes and he did come for me. He took the slap for me and he drove Kevin away. I really happy that time but likewise scared because he was so angry but he turned to me and smiled as if nothing happened.

How many guys can do that? Sometimes I feel he is my Superman, everything he does is different but it makes me happy. Our first failed date turned out better than expected for it reunited my parents. Our first sleep over together and he showed me that he was not after my body. I should be jealous but even though we are together he still thinks about his friends and their welfare. What is there not to love about him? Up to this day my hearts beats so fast whenever I see him. Do you understand why I love him so much Diane?”

Diane bowed her head and nodded. “I am sorry Kara” Diane said and Kara held her hand. “Why don’t we start from scratch, okay?” Kara suggested and Diane smiled at her.

Diane and Kara headed to the mall and waited for the others to arrive. Kara saw the group arriving but she noticed Paul and Sarah close to each other while laughing. “Diane am I going to have a problem with Sarah?” she asked. “Sarah is just his friend so you don’t have to worry about her I assure you” Diane said but deep inside she knew that Sarah liked Paul too.
“That’s good to hear”