Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Conflict

It was the last day of the vacation and tomorrow the second term in college would start. Paul and Sarah were enjoying themselves on a park and they looked like a couple together. Sarah was seated on the swing and Paul was pushing her, the swing was going higher and higher and they were really enjoying themselves. In the distance there stood Diane who was looking at them and feeling really envious.

“Are they together already?” Kara asked and Diane was surprised to see her. “How long have you been standing there?” Diane asked and Kara leaned on the fence and watched the two. “Long enough to make my heart ache” she said. “I asked Paul and he said they were just friend” Diane told her and Kara looked at her. “Just friends? Will you look at them again and tell me that they are just friends” Kara countered and Diane just shrugged her shoulders.

Kara went towards Paul and Sarah, Diane followed her thinking a fight might erupt. As soon as Paul saw Kara he run towards her then hugged her making Kara confused. Sarah got out of the swing and joined them to where Paul was still hugging Kara. “I missed you Kara!” Paul exclaimed and Kara looked at Sarah who was smiling at her. “Wait, are you two a couple?” Kara asked and Paul and Sarah shook their heads. “Me and Sarah we are just friends, happy friends the way it’s supposed to be” he told her. Kara was more confused than ever but still she was suspicious.

The following week Kara paid Paul a visit at his house and she was happy to see he was alone. They sat in front the house and she noticed a big change in him. Paul was more lively and entertaining than usual and he started to grow a beard. “Paul are you still mad at me?” she asked him. Paul smiled at her and shook his head. “I was never mad at you for what you did. Actually it was my fault and I accept that. It’s true that I had my attention divided but you know what even though it was that way you were the only one I loved” he explained. Kara felt embarrassed all of a sudden so she moved closer to him and leaned her head on her shoulder. “I still love you Paul” she said softly and Paul embraced her. “I do love you still Kara but I respect your decision, you said we remain friends so we are friends” he said.

Kara brought out a sandwich from her bag and handed it to Paul. “Oh a chicken sandwich, did you drop by Diane’s place?” he asked her. “No, I made that for you, I heard it was your favorite” she said and Paul was surprised. In a sudden twist of fate Jeff and Fred arrived as with Diane and Sarah. “Now this is really unexpected, I think we all should go inside” Paul said and everyone went inside of his house.

Paul sat down on the sofa and Kara sat beside him. Sarah sat on his other side and Diane sat across them. “Now this place is starting to feel like heaven with all these beautiful angels around” Jeff commented and everyone laughed. Even though everyone was all smiles there was tension in the air brewing. Paul was about to take a bite on his sandwich when Diane offered him another sandwich. And to make matters worse Sarah even brought out her own sandwich and gave it to Paul.

“Now you three really want me to get fat I can see” he commented and no one was laughing. “Hey Paul since you have three sandwiches you might want to share the two with us” Fred suggested and the three ladies looked at him with angry eyes. “But again those sandwiches were for you so don’t mind us” he added. Paul stood up and went to the kitchen; he came back holding a knife. He sliced each sandwich into two and gave each half to Fred and Jeff. “Is that fine with you ladies?” Paul asked and they all agreed.

“With your stares I think I have to eat them all now so please excuse me while I eat” Paul said and his two buddies ate as well. After finishing all the sandwiches Jeff and Fred were whispering to each other and the three ladies were looking at Paul. “Which one tasted better?” Kara asked and Paul shrugged his shoulders. “All of them tasted good so I have to say all of them” he answered. “Choose one” Diane said all eyes were on Paul.

“You want the truth? Okay yes one of them tasted better than the others but I won’t tell you whose it was. But definitely they all tasted good, are you all satisfied?” he asked and in unison the three said no. Paul laughed and shook his head but the three were still staring at him. Paul just sat back and grinned at them and he closed his eyes. “I won’t tell you” he said and the girls were irritated.
“I know what you girls are trying to do and I don’t like it. I want everyone to be friends; I want to enjoy each and everyone’s company. Can we just do that? Be friends and stop these conflicts, I will admit it may have been my fault too. I like you Diane, I like you too Sarah, and of course you Kara. Fred and Jeff I like you guys too, I enjoy everyone’s company and I don’t want to lose that. If I have to choose one and it would hurt the others then I would rather not choose at all. Do you understand?” Paul said and all the girls had their heads bowed.

“Pick me…love me…hey just kidding I was just quoting Meredith on what she said to Mcdreamy” Fred said and everyone started laughing. The tension in the air cleared and they all ended up having fun. Fred, Jeff and Paul indulged themselves in playing a video game and the three girls suddenly decided to go ahead.

While walking Kara stopped, Diane and Sarah looked at her. “I know we all like Paul and with his suggestion I am not really comfortable with it. I do really like the three of us ending up friends but I know we will competing for his heart in our own secret way and I am not comfortable with that. So I think it would be better if he would choose now, and hopefully we all do respect his decision” she told them. Sarah bowed her head and took a deep breath, “I am amenable to that” she said softly and they both looked at Diane. “Why are you adding me in the picture? Its just the two of you who are competing” she said.

“You are lying and we know that, be honest to yourself for a change” Kara said and Diane fell silent. “So how are you planning on doing this?” Diane asked and Kara brought out her mobile phone. “We all send him the same text message saying he has to choose one, we all go to our separate houses and whoever he chooses he goes to her. Is that fine with you two?” Kara asked and the two nodded. The three of them composed the same text message and they all sent it to Paul’s number at the same time. “So all we have to do is wait” Sarah said and they all went separate ways.

Meanwhile at Paul’s house his mobile phone beeped three times. “Hey Paul, you have text messages, give me the controller and you go read them” Jeff said. “Sorry I am busy playing, why don’t you read them for me” Paul told him and Jeff started reading. After a few seconds Jeff turned the television off and handed Paul his mobile phone. “I really think you should read them” he said and Paul looked at him and took his phone.

“Paul, the three of us decided that you really must choose one. The more you make us wait the more difficult it will be for us to be friends with each other. Whoever you chose we promise to respect your decision and your wish for us to be all friends will be a possibility. So you have to decide now, all you have to do is go to the house of the one you truly love. We shall be waiting”