Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Break-up

First semester has ended and everyone welcomed the school break. Kara came over to Paul’s place and they ended up smooching on the couch. Things were about to get hotter when suddenly someone knocked on the door. Paul stood up and see who was at the door and Kara came along to see. As the door opened Diane was happily smiling at him holding a wrapped sandwich. “Oops was I interrupting? I can come back later” Diane said and she immediately left.

“That was fast” Paul said and Kara pulled him towards the couch and she started to become naughty. “Home alone just the two of us, I wonder what first we can cross out on the list” she teased and Paul smiled at her. “Someone is getting excited” Kara said and Paul felt embarrassed and he hid his face with a pillow. Another knock came on the door and this time it was Sarah. Paul forced a smile as he greeted her and Kara was already irritated. “I think I came at a bad time. I will just go over to Diane’s place” Sarah said and Paul closed the door.

As he headed back towards the couch Kara was already pouting and thinking deep. Paul sat down beside her and held her hand. “I am sorry Kara; I didn’t expect them to be coming over. It’s unusual actually seeing them knocking on my door” he told her but Kara remained silent. After a minute she sighed and bowed her head.

“Paul you know that I love you very much don’t you?” she asked and Paul said yes. “The problem is that I am selfish and I want you for myself but it seems that can never happen. I know you are not fooling around with anyone but I have tried to get your full attention ever since. The problem is that I think it can never happen. I have given you my full attention and I wanted the same from you, even though you say they are just friends but I feel jealous and I don’t know why. So I think it’s better if we break up” she said.

Paul was stunned and speechless and all he could do was look at Kara. “This is a joke right?” he asked but Kara let go of his hand and she stood up. “It pains me to do this but it will be more painful if we continue this relationship knowing that your attention is divided. We can still be friends and maybe when you are ready then we might end up with each other again. For now it’s over between us” she said as tears flowed down her cheeks. Paul was devastated and he bowed his head and tears were falling from his eyes. “Kara please don’t do this” he begged but he heard the door open and then close.

In Diane’s room Sarah was looking out of the window and she saw Paul running. “Where do you think Paul is going?” Sarah asked and Diane came to see. “Probably went to buy something in the grocery, did you see Kara with him?” Diane asked. “No, he was just running alone; maybe you’re right he just needs something. Maybe he is cooking for Kara” Sarah said. A minute later they saw Paul walking slowly with his head bowed and Diane called out his name. Paul stopped and looked at them momentarily and the two girls were shocked to see his face covered in tears.

Paul continued walking and Sarah jumped out of the window. Diane held her hand and stopped her from following, “I think that is not a good idea Sarah” Diane said. “But he is crying, we have to comfort him somehow” Sarah replied but Diane would not let go of her hand. “Sarah this is the first time I have seen him cry after a long time. The last time I saw his cry is when we were little when his mother left them, I think it’s best if we leave him alone for now” Diane said.

“What do you think happened?” Sarah asked and Diane sighed, “Well what else would make a guy cry like that? They broke up, it’s his first so it’s going to be really painful” Diane said and Sarah felt sorry for him.

The following morning Sarah came over to check on Paul but as she was about to walk towards his house Diane stopped her. “Sarah I don’t think it’s a good idea, you will be just wasting your time” Diane said. “Have you tried talking to him?” Sarah asked and Diane nodded. “I tried knocking on the door but he won’t answer. I tried calling him up but he won’t pick up the phone. I sent him text messages but he does not reply” Diane told her and Sarah sighed. “I will go and try maybe he will open the door this time” Sarah said and she went to Paul’s house. A few minutes later she came back to Diane, “He wont open, can I hang out with you here and wait until he comes out?” she asked and Diane just nodded her head.

They waited the whole day and Paul never came out so Sarah had to go home. Sarah came everyday for five days but they never saw Paul. On the sixth day Diane was surprised to see Sarah with Kara on her doorstep. “Why did you come here? Didn’t you cause him enough pain already?” Diane told her. “Diane please calm down, I was the one who invited Kara, maybe Paul would listen to him” Sarah said. Diane stared at Kara with angry eyes, “If something happens to Paul I wont forgive you” she said and Kara just bowed her head. The three girls head towards Paul’s house and they were surprised to see the door open.

Diane rushed inside and called for Paul but he was not responding. “Why is the door open?” Kara asked and Sarah shrugged her shoulders. Diane looked all around but Paul was not to be found. “Have you checked his room?” Sarah asked and Diane paused and looked at her. “Paul never allowed me into his room, so I didn’t check it” Diane told her. They went to Paul’s room and he was not there. The three slowly walked inside the room and they looked surprised to see how simply the room was.

Paul’s room had white walls, there was a single bed in the middle and beside it was a small desk. The room was clean and his clothes inside his cabinet were in order. There was a study table across the bed where there were three objects on top, a pink umbrella, a tree branch and one old stuff toy with the name ‘Diana’ stitched on its chest. Beside the study table was a small funny looking ladder made of tree old wood and Diane stared at it.

“Why would Paul be keeping a tree branch here in his room?” Kara asked and Sarah picked up the tree branch and said “This was the branch where he hang on to on the first day we met” and Kara looked at the umbrella. “This umbrella was the one he used when we first met” Kara said and they both saw Diane in tears as she picked up the stuff toy and held it close to her. “Diana…so it was you, Yana, his first love” Sarah told Diane and Kara was surprised. Diane held the stuff toy tighter and she closed her eyes.

Diane placed the stuff toy back on the desk and she sat on the bed, the two other girls sat down beside her and comforted her as she started crying again. “He fixed this for me” she said and the more she sobbed.