Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Greetings Earthlings,

First of all i would like to thank everyone who sent me emails yesterday. Your messages were very overwhelming. Thank you too to the others who sent me emails the past few days asking for the codes LOL, i was really surprised to see lots of new names.

I would like to say sorry to everyone especially to those who are in the Middle East. Nagpapasalamat ako sa inyo lahat talaga at tinatangkilik niyo ang kwento ko. Tulad nga ng sinabi ng iba na ito ang inyong libangan habang kayo ay naghihirap na kumayod ng pera sa ibang bansa. Gusto ko talaga sana ipagpatuloy ang pagsusulat ng libre pero may mga pangangailangan din ako. Dalawang taon ako nagsulat ng libre para sa inyong lahat, mula sa Pepito hanggang kay Kiko. Sana maintindihan niyo lahat ang aking desisyon.

Anyway i know there are a lot of questions pertaining to Sa Aking Mga Kamay, some say it seemed "bitin". Just like MP if i may ask? Well the answer is very simple actually and i think most of you already know it.

I made the story end in a nice way for the free blog so that there will be no complaints again. I know a lot will be irate again and i dont blame you but you also have to understand why i did that. Its a free blog and so thats the only one i want to post so please respect that too. At least i ended the story well just like MP, but of course there is more to the story and i wont force anyone who does not want to avail of the complete one.

Some will say i am cheating my readers. Why is that? Do i have an obligation to post everything? I am already doing it for free and still you have the guts to complain that way? There are lots of free samples of everything, like food, stuff, and even software. Free sample, meaning if you like it then you buy it but of course no one is forcing you.

As of the moment i appreciate efforts of many in forming a group. I am still new to this selling of my stories, i am not a greedy person and if possible i would like to continue writing for free but life is not that simple, how i wish it was but it isnt.

Posting on the blog will not work. I tried several security measures but there is always a backdoor to it. There is a way through blog posting but that will require a "by invite" system only. I am listening to you and some say that the fonts in the blog is not really a good sight LOL.

So we are left with the ebook or pdf or kindle format. I am still learning, i honestly have no idea how i will sell my stories but sad to say i will. If you have suggestions i am all ears. As of now its going to go through the ebook format but with strict controls.

But lets not talk about that as of now.

My next story will not be a love story. Let me explain first. When i do write a story i place myself "in the zone" ahahaha. As in i become the characters of that story. Well the kalokohan parts are quite easy ahahaha trust me. So right now if i continue to write a love story then i might be in Kiko mode which will affect the next story. I dont want that to happen

So i take a break from the love story and i am going to write SALAMANGKA (Reinvented)

Hindi bawal mangarap ika nga ni Manny V so even if i am an amateur writer i want to make a story that is just like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Some say i was successful with Twinkle Twinkle 1 and 2, even Ordinary Me 1 and 2 and of course the old Salamangka. But i am not satisfied. Some say they were amazing already but i am not satisfied. There is only one way to go and that is upwards and so i want to push myself to my limits.

Kahit amateur ako sa tingin ko kaya ko ata gawin ito. I know a lot are not into fantasy and this kind of stories so i ask forgiveness but right now this is the story that i want to write. but rest assured i will write love stories after. I am just taking a "love story in the zone" break ahahaha.

See my stupid terms, its obvious i am an amateur or even an idiotic writer as of the moment but i hope i do level up. I pray i do not become a imbecile writer ahahahhaa.

I will write Salamangka even if a lot are not interested. I need to take a break from writing love stories but after Salamangka i will.

Last year i had an itch to write Bespren, out of nowhere i really had an itch to write it badly and so i did. Wow i didnt expect it to be a hit even if it was not complete. So where is the complete version? No plans of releasing that yet, please understand i do have big plans for the story Bespren pero sad to say i was sidetracked last year because of copy pasters. One publisher was interested but sad to say again they saw it posted on another site and so the deal went pffffttt....

I tried to tell the publishers that the one posted and being circulated was not complete but it just fell to deaf ears. Hell yeah i was so irate and angry but that is life and its all good now. So i dont have plans of releasing it yet because i know there is still something better for that story.

And now you know why i am mad at copy pasters and some of you know this story because you were with me last August ahahahah and again i would like to thank everyone who went berserk with me that time.

The past is the past and so we have to move on.

One group made a Facebook group entitled

The Journey Continues....

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