Friday, April 25, 2008

At the end of the rainbow

At the end of the rainbow

Life is beautiful, let me begin again, yeah beautiful to those who are at bliss, to those who are enjoying the moment of love and those who just found love. Indeed what a wonderful feeling when you are truly in love. The incredible sensation of love which brings the floating feeling, gigantic and energetic butterflies wandering around your intestines and so many more. Funny, those who are aching, those who just suffered a break-up think otherwise. They say life sucks, life is a bitch, and life is full of crap and other more stuff. So which is it?

When you have failed in love it would seem that the rain never stops pouring on your head or around you. Gloominess fills up your eyes and makes you see things badly. Emotionally you feel bad, physically you feel worse. Then suddenly the rain stops pouring and beside you is a puddle of water, the sun begins to shine when you are ready to move on. The sun hits the water then a rainbow appears.

Scientifically, it takes two bodies of water in order for a rainbow to materialize, so you would think that there is someone else who is in the same situation as you. An amazing coincidence indeed for a rainbow has formed, meaning another person on the other end had their rains stopped and the sun began to shine on them again.

Indeed, you rush to the other end of the rainbow to find out who that person is, will that person be your true love, is it fate for you to end up together? Is this your chance for redemption? Your only wish is that the person on the other side is not another man if you’re a man and a woman if you’re a lady, geez talk about Brokeback and L-Word rainbows. (no pun intended for the third sex)

You run as fast as you can to find out who is in the other side, crossing your fingers hoping it’s not of the same sexual origin, and hoping it would be the man or woman who needs you. Come hellish hurdles you strive to get over at the other end while the rainbow is still shining bright.

Alas, when you get over the other side, you find nothing. Yes, at the end of the rainbow there is nothing. No pot of gold, no one waiting for you, nothing at all.

And you begin to wonder why? Where did she go? Where did he go?

It takes two to tango….redundant horse crap all over the years. But yes, love takes two, when you get hurt the other one likewise gets hurt. If there was ever love between the two of you, you will not be the only one bleeding; even the other person would suffer. The intensity may vary but still they would suffer. This means when you both lost the love, it also rained on her side.

The rainbow is the only sign that you both once loved each other; it may be a sign that you both still love each other, but if there was still love in both ends then you might have found her still waiting at the other end. The fact that she is not there anymore mean she has moved on, or probably he or she ran towards your end but you two never met again. Should you have waited for her to arrive? Or did he or she move on taking another path?

Not all people find their rainbows, not all people experience mutual true love. If the love was one sided, you will only end up with a puddle of water after the rain and even though the sun shines no rainbow will ever be formed since it was only one sided….it never rained on their side. So suck it all up and step on that puddle of water, and move on.

Seeing the rainbow should rid the pain out for it is a testament of your true love, yes, you can be sure that when there is a rainbow formed she loved you too.

Yeah yeah yeah, it sounds like total crap and horse dung to most people but this is what you call the art of love. The funny thing is, most people who experienced pain are those who can best illustrate artistically what love is. So I don’t expect you all to understand what I am saying.

I may be a babbling baboon writing this nonsense but to those who can understand I tell you again there is nothing at the other side of the rainbow.

I am the foolish one.

So sing along with me….”why are there so many songs about rainbows…..the lovers, the dreamers and me”