Thursday, April 24, 2008

SEVEN DAYS - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: True Intentions

Morning came and Nathan went out early to go to the grocery. As he came back he saw Elaine sleeping along the stairs. He dropped everything he was holding and rushed towards her. “Elaine! Wake up! What happened to you?” he said as he held her in his arms. She slowly opens her eyes and tries to get up.

“I woke up not feeling well, my body aches. I feel hot, I think I have a fever” she softly said as she shook her head. “I called for you but you were not responding so I came down but I was too weak so I just decided to wait over here” she added. Nathan lifted her up and said “Okay I’m here now, come on I will take you back to the room.”

Elaine shook her head like a child and said “No, I want to stay in the living room, I don’t want to be alone in the room.” Nathan carried her and brought her to the sofa. “Okay then you stay here and I will cook you breakfast” he said. Elaine looked at Nathan and started to laugh. He looked at her and wondered why she suddenly laughed.

“You can cook? You really make me laugh all the time” she said. Nathan looked serious and raised his left eyebrow. “So you don’t believe me, fine then let me show you” he said and went to the kitchen. Elaine kept laughing and sat back at the sofa and turned on the television. After a while she smelled something good so she tried to stand up and immediately walked towards the kitchen. She saw Nathan cooking up something and she could not believe that he was actually cooking.

She sat in front of the dining table and watched him. After a few minutes he was serving her breakfast. Elaine was quite delighted seeing the French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon in front of her, she at once took a piece of bacon and munched on it. Nathan sat across her and started to eat. “I told you I can cook” he boasted. Elaine acted not convinced and said “Well even elementary students can cook this you know, it’s so simple” and Nathan just smirked and she laughed.

While they were eating the phone suddenly rang and Nathan quickly ran to get the wireless phone. He walked back towards the dining table and handed the phone to Elaine. “It’s for you” he said.

Elaine was surprised and she slowly placed the phone on her ear. “Hello?” she said. Nathan got back in his seat and continued eating. Elaine was just looking at him while she was talking on the phone.

“Madam we already have a room for you ready. We need your confirmation if you still want it and we need you credit card details for the reservation” the other man on the line said.

Elaine was silent, she was happy to hear that a room is ready for her but on the other hand she did not want to leave. “Please give me a minute” she said.

“Hey Nathan, they said I have a room ready for me” she told him. Nathan’s mouth was full but manage to speak. “That’s good” he said. Elaine was looking for a reason for her to stay but it was as if he did not care. “Can you bring me to the hotel after eating?” she asked. Nathan looked at her and said yes. Sadness filled Elaine’s mind, she really wanted to stay a little longer. “But I still feel weak” she softly said.

“Then stay here until you get better” he said and continued eating. Even though she did not get the response she wanted from him she now had a reason.

“Sorry to keep you waiting but can you give the room to someone else. I am really sorry I cannot come over today” she told the man on the phone.

“I see, well we look forward to your stay here some other time then madam, good day” the man said and phone went busy.

Elaine put the phone down and looked at Nathan who was looking at her. “Maybe I will just rest today. Tomorrow I might be better so can you help me find a place tomorrow?” she told him. Nathan just nodded. At that moment she was confused, he was nice to her but at that moment she felt that he did not care if she stayed or she went away.

After breakfast Elaine watched television in the living while Nathan was washing the dishes. Minutes later he joined her at the living room but was busy sending text messages on his mobile phone. Elaine was kept glancing at him but every time he looked at her she would turn her eyes towards the television.

“Hey Elaine I was wondering why you don’t have your mobile phone on” he said. Elaine sighed and said “I don’t want to receive calls or messages from him.” She looked at Nathan who was still busy with his phone. “So you really are mad at him” Nathan suddenly said.

“Yeah” she replied. “You may hate him for now but you will forgive him soon” he added. Elaine closed her eyes and thought about what he said. “Maybe” she whispered.

“Maybe? Come on, he is your boyfriend; in the bottom of your heart you still love him. Love does not go away that easily.” Nathan stated. “Would you want me to talk to him and tell him your grievances so you two can patch things up when you return home?” he asked her. Elaine opened her eyes and looked at him; he was looking at her waiting for her reply.

“Why would you do that?” she asked. Nathan sighed and sat back; he put down his phone on the table and said “I believe that once you love someone you don’t simply love him for a certain reason. You love that person for who they are, and if ever they did something that you do not like then tell them so they can change. Its part of growing, so whatever he may have done to you I am sure he feels sorry and wants to change. So give him a chance to change, don’t waste the love that you have for him. I know you feel that you hate right now but deep inside you do still love him. Your feelings of anger are just clouding your feelings of love for him” he stated.

Elaine pouted and remained silent, she remembered Ronald as he was begging for forgiveness. “If you don’t forgive him and you decide to leave him, he might just end up like me” Nathan suddenly revealed. Elaine was surprised to hear him say that so she quickly replied. “End up like you?”

Nathan lit a cigarette and bowed his head. “Yeah like me…” he said and he quickly killed his cigarette. “Sorry I was so inconsiderate, you are sick and here I am making you more sick by smoking” and he started laughing.

“What do you mean end up like you?” she asked again. He stood up and walked towards the kitchen swaying his hips. “He might end up gay like me” he said and laughed loud. Elaine didn’t laugh, she noticed that it has become a habit of him making her laugh whenever he is in a tight spot. She got up and followed him into the garden where he sat and lit a cigarette.

Elaine sat in front of him and asked “What happened to you and your girlfriend?” Nathan quickly stood up and was about to walk away. “I know you’re trying to think of a funny joke again, I noticed you do that whenever I ask you serious questions” she said. Nathan looked at her and sat back down. “Let me ask you, what do you think of me?” he said and Elaine was once again surprised.

“What I think of you? Well you are a nice guy, kind and funny, a happy go lucky guy maybe” she answered. He just smiled and puffed his cigarette. “So you still don’t want to tell me what happened?” she asked. “There is nothing to tell, can’t you see I’m happy, happy go lucky as you say” he replied. Elaine just stared at him; she could not break him down to talk to her honestly. Even though he was smiling at her she could feel it was a fake smile, deep inside she now knew that he had undergone severe pain in his life, a pain that he does not want others to feel.

The rest of the day Nathan took care of her, she acted sick and succeeded. She was treated like a baby, a treatment that she never felt with Ronald. When night came she lie in bed saddened thinking that she would leave tomorrow.

Dawn has broken and she slowly packs her bags. She took an hour in the bath tub thinking whether is she should go or she should stay. She wanted to stay but was ashamed to tell him. She just thought that even though she goes to the hotel he would still tour her around.

After breakfast they headed to the car, Nathan opened the trunk and asked her where her bag was. “I left it in the room” she said as she entered the car. She was hoping that he would catch her drift. “Okay I will go and get it” and he went inside the house. Elaine shut the door and closed her eyes; it was not the reply she wanted to hear. She wanted to ask her to stay but it was too late, they were going to find a place for her.

She heard the car trunk close and looked around and saw Nathan coming in front. As he enters the car and shut the door the more she felt sad. There was no turning back now.

They went to all the hotels and found no vacancy, Elaine was happy. They decided to try again later in the afternoon so they went for a drive around the city. They went to a nearby town to pick strawberries and Elaine did enjoy each and every moment. She enjoyed Nathan stealing strawberries from her basket and acting innocent all the way.

They returned to the city and went around all hotels again, Elaine wished that there was no vacancy and happy she was to see none. They drove around the city once more and Nathan suddenly drove the car in a dark alley. He stopped the car in front of a shabby Inn. Elaine looked out the window and the place was a mess, there were nasty looking people all over the place. She was getting nervous thinking that he would let her stay in a place like that. “Wait here I wont take long” Nathan told her and she started to feel nervous. Nathan went inside the Inn and after a few minutes he went out with another person and headed towards the car. He opened the trunk and Elaine was really furious now seeing what was happening.

The car trunk closed and Nathan stepped back in the car, he looked at Elaine and was about to speak but she could not hold it any longer. “I never thought that you were this low. How could you even think of making me stay in a place like this?” she angrily said. Nathan looked surprised and said “Wait…” but Elaine was really angry.

“I want to go back to your place now! How dare you!? I really cant imagine…you are much worse than him. Take me back now!” she said. Nathan could not do anything but drive towards home.

As soon as they reached his place Elaine went out of the car and slammed the door. She ran towards the house and waited for him to open the door. As soon as the door was opened she ran towards the stairs.

“I will cook dinner” Nathan said. Elaine turned her head at him and shouted “Eat dinner yourself. I don’t want to see your face again! Don’t even talk to me anymore. Let me stay just for tonight and tomorrow morning I will leave!” and she went straight up. Nathan went to the kitchen and started to prepare the food.

Elaine entered the room and closed the door. The room was dark and she could not see a thing. She leaned back at the door and cried. After a few moments she decided to turn on the lights, as the room brightened she was surprised to see her travelling bag in the room. She was confused at the moment thinking how it got there. She approached the bag and there was a note on top of it which read

“You can stay here as long as you want”

Elaine fell on her knees as tears began to fill her eyes once again. He wanted her to stay but he could not say it directly. She could not understand why he would still accompany her to find a room when he left her bag at his place. She felt terrible for thinking that he wanted her to stay at the nasty Inn and those harsh words that she had told him.

Elaine got on the bed and felt really terrible with what she has done. She wanted to go down and apologize but she was too embarrassed to do so. She rolled and turned on the bed not knowing what to do but she decided to go down and ask for forgiveness.

Elaine walked down the stairs slowly wiping her tears along the way. She headed towards the kitchen where she saw Nathan preparing dinner. Nathan saw her and said “Take a sit, it will be done in a minute” and he continued cooking. Elaine could not utter a single word; she could not even move a single step. Tears again fell down her cheeks and she bowed her head.

She suddenly feels and arm around her shoulder so she looked and Nathan was beside her. He wiped her tears softly and said “Stop crying now, come sit and let’s eat dinner.” He guided her towards her chair and sat across her. Elaine could not still look at him so she just bowed her head.

“Elaine better start eating or the food will get cold” she heard him say. “Nathan, I am sorry for the things I said” she whispered. “I know, it’s just a misunderstanding. Don’t worry its fine with me, so please eat now” he answered. She slowly lifter her head and looked at him, he was smiling at her. She wiped her tears and just stared at the food. He stood up and sat beside her and started to put food on her plate.

He sliced a piece of meat and scooped it with a spoon; he raised it towards her mouth. “Say ah” he said. Elaine looked at him and started to smile and she opened her mouth and ate it. “Good girl, now eat” he told her and she chewed while staring at him.

“You must be wondering about the Inn, I was just delivering a package to the manager. I had no intentions of making you stay at a place like that. I know you have seen the note, and I meant what was written there. I just didn’t know how to tell you that I wanted you to stay here as long as you want because you might think I had different intentions” he revealed.

“I spoiled your surprise I am sorry” she said. Nathan laughed and sliced a piece of meat, “Yeah, but I do really want you to stay” he repeats. “Why?” Elaine suddenly asks and looks at him. Nathan takes a deep breath and looked at her and laughed. “I know you are probably expecting a joke from me right?” he asks her. “Well I’m getting used to it already so I don’t expect serious answers to serious questions from you” she exclaimed.

“I want you to stay because I do enjoy your company” he softly said. Elaine was delighted to hear that from him and she moved closer to him and smiled. She tapped him and opened her mouth; Nathan looked at her and laughed. “So now I have to feed you like a baby?” he asked her. Elaine cheerfully nodded and he gamely gave into her request.