Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beyond Forever: Chapter 4

Beyond Forever

Paul Diaz

Chapter 4: The Person In My Dreams

“Wow this is a great apartment building Mike, I think I will not be able to afford to stay here” says Teddy.

“Don’t worry about a thing my friend, without you I would not have lived through college life, so consider this as payback” Mike says as he shuts the door of his car.

“Its not fair, I have to shelve out some, I need to get a job soon” says Teddy as they both walk towards the building.

The two enter the building and proceed to the manager’s office.

“Excuse me sir, we were the ones who called up yesterday about the apartment for two” says Mike.

“Oh yes, let me show you to your apartment, I’ve been expecting you” says Mister Garrison.

The three of them enter the elevator and the manager presses the number 4 buttons. As they reach the fourth floor they walk towards room 404 Teddy suddenly stops and smiles.

“Hey Teddy whats the matter?” asks Mike.

“Oh nothing, I just felt something good is about to happen” answers Teddy as he joins them.

The manager opens the door to the apartment they enter. There are two rooms and one bathroom, a decent kitchen and a small dining area.

“Wow, this is better than our home, I really should get a job” whispers Teddy.

“So the finances have been settled by your father, if you have any problems just call or go to my office below. I do hope you enjoy your stay” says mister Garrison as he hands over the keys to Mike then leaves.

“What does he mean the finances have been settled?” asks Teddy.

“My dad paid for everything, so you don’t have to worry about it. Now lets settle down and have a look around the city later” says Mike.

One block away Chelsea and Emily are walking in search of a place to stay.

“I really don’t understand you Chelsea, your parents are rich but you don’t ask them for anything, If I were you I asked them for a decent car, no make that an SUV, then some money to start my business. Hey Chelsea are you listening to me?” says Emily as she looks back at Chelsea.

Chelsea was standing still staring at the Garrison Apartment building.

“Hey what are you staring at?” asks Emily.

“Emily, we should stay here in this building” says Chelsea.

“Are you crazy?! Look at that building it looks expensive, come on I think I see something we can afford over there” says Emily.

“No, we will stay here, let me borrow your cellphone I have to call my dad” she says.

“Oh sure, its about time you asked for something. Hmmm this place is sweet. Go on hurry call him so we can settle in at once” says Emily as she hands her phone to Chelsea.

The two ladies proceed inside the building towards the manager’s office. Meanwhile on the balcony of room 404.

“Hey Teddy, you should have seen the two ladies that just when in the building, they are hot, but I find one of them weird since she was staring at the building for a long time” says Mike.

“Sorry I am not interested with women, I already have someone” utters Teddy.

“What? You have been keeping secrets from me? Hey I am your best bud right? So who is she?” asks Mike.

“I told you about her before don’t you remember?” says Teddy.

“Oh, that dream girl of yours again, Jenny right? So she still haunts you every night in your sleep?” asks Mike.

“Yeah, but lately she calls me Paul in my dreams. Im starting to wonder if I ever lived before, maybe I was Paul in another life. It would be cool if I was a knight or a noble prince” says Teddy as he relaxes his body on the couch.

“Yeah and I wonder if they had geeks before, then I would have been Merlin the Magician, hey get up lets go for a stroll” says Mike.

“Go ahead, I feel sleepy all of a sudden, but I don’t know why I feel excited about something too, maybe I will just take a nap. Don’t mind me just go, I will be fine here” Teddy replied.

Mike walks out of their apartment and along the corridor he sees the two ladies being led by the manager to room 405. Mike walks towards the elevator and the two ladies enter the room.

“Ok ladies, here is your room, if you have any problems please do call me or visit me at my office below” says the manager and he leaves them behind. Chelsea sat on the couch and just froze for a moment.

“Hey Chel, are you alright?” asks Emily.

Chelsea started to smile and said “Emily I feel Paul is in New York, I don’t know where but I can feel him nearby”

“Paul who? Do I know him? A childhood crush? Don’t tell me he is your lover!” utters Emily.

“Lover?...He is the person in my dreams. Hey lets go for a walk I am hungry” says Chelsea as she begins to smile all of a sudden.

“Then you are smiling out of nowhere, the next thing I know you are going to kill me in my sleep, stop acting psycho Chel you are giving me the creeps!” shouts Emily as they both end up laughing.

Teddy awakes from a short nap and goes to the balcony, he stares at the sky thinking of the girl in his dreams. At the main door of the building the two ladies step out to take a walk. Chelsea suddenly stops and turns around, she looks up at the balcony where Teddy is but the sun is too bright so she cannot clearly see him. At the same moment Teddy feels a sudden chill around his body, he suddenly smiles.

“Chel! What are you doing staring at the sun like that?” asks Emily.

“Emily, look at him, he has red hair, like the man in my dreams” Chelsea softly utters.

“Are you nuts? Its just the sun alright? Come on lets go I am hungry” says Emily and the two walk along but Chelsea keeps looking back at the man in the balcony.

“You are right, its just the sun, silly me” she says and she suddenly smiles.

Teddy looks down to where Chelsea was and sees no one, he looks at the sky again and sighs.

“Jenny I am already here, where are you?” he softly whispers towards the sky then he goes back inside to sleep. “Maybe I will see you in my dreams”.