Friday, April 11, 2008

JUST ME: Chapter 2



Chapter 2: Starting Small

Saturday arrived and Jonathan had no classes, he goes to his neighbor’s house and knocks on the door. As the door opens his best friend stands there munching some chips. Jonathan and Charlie were best of friends since they were five years old. “Hey you what brings you here?” asks Charlie. “I need your help” Jonathan replies as he enters the house. “Wow you never asked my help before, this is a first. Wait it’s about a girl isn’t it?” Charlie asks as he closes the door. Jonathan sits on the couch and sighs, “Oh Jon! That’s amazing finally we have something good to talk about, I knew it was about a girl. So now tell me about it” Charlie says and he sits down and begins to put a handful of chips on his mouth.

“Well do you remember Kathleen?” Jonathan says and Charlie stops munching. “Yeah, the girl who turned you down, so what about her?” Charlie asked. “Well she is my classmate in all subjects this semester” Jonathan reveals and Charlie offers the chips to Jonathan but he refuses. “Oh, so what is the problem with that, I don’t see any problem at all unless you still have feelings for her” said Charlie.

“She has been talking to me lately but I cannot still talk to her normally. I want to but I cannot get the words out of my mouth. I cannot even look at her, I keep looking away every time our eyes meet” Jonathan reveals.

Charlie bursts into laughter and said “So you still like her, which is normal. Now tell me where do you think are you going with that attitude of yours? Do you think you will get far acting that way? I cannot help you in that aspect you should gain confidence and talk to her. Why are you so afraid anyway? Being shy and not talking to her will not get you where you want to be I tell you, open up and just talk to her normally like the way you talk to me or talk to anyone else. When you do that everything will follow, just talk to her”.

Jonathan sits back and takes a deep breath and says “If it were just that easy then I could have done those months back. So I just have to talk to her, so what am I supposed to say anyway?” he asked.

“Anything you dummy! Get to know her, tell her things about you, or talk about school, anything just start small and when you gain the confidence then you should be fine already” Charlie adds.

“Yeah I think I can do that. Start small, talk about anything, what am I afraid off anyway? Let me just treat her like a normal classmate. Yes you really are a genius in these stuff Charlie, I wish they taught this things in school you know” Jonathan jokingly says.

Monday came and Jonathan was not able to even say a word the whole morning to Kathleen. They were again to part ways for lunch then suddenly Jonathan starts mumbling. “Are you saying something, I didn’t hear it” said Kathleen as she stops walking and looks at Jonathan. “I was wondering if I could join you for lunch” he said and he bowed his head again. “Oh sure come on lets hurry so we can get sits” she answered and she hurries towards the canteen. Jonathan seemed shocked but happy at the same time and he hurried after her.

They got their food and were able to find a good spot in the canteen. Jonathan could not believe Kathleen was eating with him. “So Jonathan do you have not answered Anne’s question yet” Kathleen said as she looked at him. “What question was that?” he asks. “About you having a girlfriend, so do you?” she asks. “Oh I don’t have one, I never did actually” he said. “I see, but is there someone you like?” Kathleen adds on as she takes a sip at her soda. Jonathan suddenly felt uneasy since in front of him was the girl of his dreams. “No, I don’t like anyone at the moments” Jonathan lies and adds on “How about you, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Nope, I never had one, although I do like someone” Kathleen replied and Jonathan felt mixed emotions. He was happy to hear that she never had a boyfriend and in his mind lingered the mystery person that his dream girl likes. “But you know I have not seen him for a long time now, I miss him a lot” Kathleen suddenly utters which adds on to the mild pain Jonathan was feeling.

“So does he know you like him?” he asks her suddenly. She smiles and says “Well I never got a chance to tell him that, or did I ever have the chance to show it” and suddenly Jonathan felt relieved in hearing those words, he knew he had a small chance and he has to start acting at once. “Start small” he suddenly says. “What do you mean start small?” she inquires and looks attentively at Jonathan. “Well I mean if you want to tell him you like him but you are ashamed then you can start small, what am I talking about anyway?” he confusedly said. Kathleen burst into laughter and said “I didn’t know you were funny, I thought you were always serious” she comments.

“So what is he like? I mean the guy that you like” says Jonathan. Kathleen sits back and thinks then says “He is a simple guy, I really don’t know him that well but deep inside I know he is a good guy. How about you tell me about the girl you like”.

“Well she is intelligent and very pretty” he said and Kathleen starts laughing and Jonathan suddenly realizes that he has been tricked. “Gotcha!” she said and he begins to blush.

After their afternoon classes they both walk towards the main university gate. “A while ago at lunch, that’s the longest conversation we ever had right?” Kathleen whispers but Jonathan plays deaf and looks away. As they were to part ways Kathleen suddenly says “Jonathan start small” and Jonathan bows his head and said “Yeah I did” and Kathleen looks curiously. “Oh I mean I will” and he scratches his head and walks away. Kathleen just looks at Jonathan smiling and whispers “So will I”.