Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beyond Forever: Chapter 6

Beyond Forever

Paul Diaz

Chapter 6: I Found You

“Why do I have to come along Teddy, and who is this girl anyway?” asks Mike.

“Come on buddy, you know I am not that good with girls, help me out a bit” says Teddy.

“So why here in the hospital? Is she a doctor? A nurse? Whats with those flowers?” Mike asks Teddy as they enter the hospital.

“I will explain later, for now just come with me, I can’t do this alone” Teddy replies.

The two men enter the hospital and proceed towards a private room. They both stop at the door and Teddy takes a deep breath. Inside Chelsea suddenly sits up and looks at the door. Emily looks at Chelsea then likewise looks at the door.

“What’s with the door Chel?” asks Emily.

“I can feel him” Chelsea softly utters and her eyes are filled with excitement.

The door suddenly opens and Teddy enters the room. They stare at each other and their heartbeats begin to race. Teddy is frozen once more as he looks at Chelsea; Mike enters the room and recognizes Emily.

“Hey, we live in the same building, were in 404, you are in 405 right?” Mike says out loud.

“Oh yeah I remember you, the day when we arrived I saw you” Emily replies.

Mike and Emily suddenly focus their attention on Teddy as he walks towards Chelsea. Teddy lays the flowers on the bedside table but keeping his stare on Chelsea. Chelsea reaches for Teddy’s hands and she notices the bruises on them. She looks at Teddy’s face and sees his cut lip.

“You were the one that saved me” Chelsea exclaims as Mike and Emily look on.

“It’s because I heard you calling for me” Teddy reveals as he gets closer.

Suddenly flashbacks of past memories begin to fill both of their minds. Their first ever kiss when they were living, the last kiss before they departed, their first kiss in the afterlife and their final moments as they were about to be reborn.

“Paul” whispers Chelsea as tears begin to gather in her eyes.

“Yes Jenny, I found you like what I promised, I found you” he tells her and he kisses her on the lips.

Both of them hug tightly as their lips are intertwined by a kiss of destiny. Mike and Emily are in shock as they look at their two friends.

“Hey is there something I should know here?” asks Emily.

“They just met did they? So do you think we have to follow what they are doing?” Mike jokingly asks Emily.

“Shut up!” exclaims Emily as they watch on.

Chelsea was discharged that day and they all gathered in the living room of apartment 405. Chelsea was beside Teddy as the two could not be separated since living the hospital. Sitting across them were Mike and Emily still confused about the sudden relationship of the two.

“Hey I don’t get it, tell us the story” says Mike.

“Yeah, you call him Paul yet his name is Teddy, he calls you Jenny yet you are Chelsea. Its really confusing you know” utters Emily.

“I have been telling you about Paul for a long time but you wont listen to me, he is the person in my dreams, the reason why I cannot sleep at nights” Chelsea reveals.

“Ever since we moved here I always wondered why my dreams changed too, I slept better, but my recent dreams you were there so close within my reach. Who would have known you live next door” says Teddy as he begins to laugh.

“You never listen to me, I told you that day there were hot ladies but you ignored me” Mike recalls and begins to make a sour face.

“But I don’t believe it, dreams are dreams, tell us the real story now” Emily begs them as she sits back and look at the two.

“It’s going to sound ridiculous actually so let me just ask you, if you have someone you love then you were given two choices, first get separated forever or both of you being reborn again to different bodies, which would you choose?” asks Teddy.

Mike thinks hard and says “Of course I would choose the latter since there is a probability that you would still meet each other, although I should say a very low probability at that”.

“Yeah I would choose the same too, although how about the memories and being reborn means a clean slate of mind am I right? So are you saying that you grew up having your past memories?” asks Emily.

“No, I grew up as Chelsea, but in my dreams every day since I could remember Paul was always there, I was reaching out to him but I could not reach him. I always wake up searching for him as if I was living my dream” Chelsea discloses and she looks at Teddy and smiles at him.

“That day we moved here I felt something special about this place that’s why I chose this place even though it was expensive. For the first time in my life I asked for money from my parents. I knew I had to stay here. Last week in restaurant I knew you were there, I felt you. In the park that evening I felt you too” says Chelsea as she looks at Teddy.

“I too felt a wonderful chill about this place. Last week too when we ate lunch as I entered the restaurant I could feel you close. That night in the park I looked for you, I went around but I wasn’t able to find you. And two nights ago I was sleeping, I heard you calling me, so I rushed towards where you were. I just ran and ran, I don’t know how but I found you” Teddy softly recalls.

“But I wasn’t raped or hurt” exclaims Chelsea.

“Yeah I got there on time, I took care of the three guys, I don’t even know how to fight but I was able to hurt them badly. It is as if my body was moving on its own. I was filled with anger, but when I saw you I could not think of anything else so I rushed you to the hospital” Teddy discloses.

“Ok ok I get it already. I thought Chelsea was acting strange about those dream stuff, and lately she smiles suddenly out of the blue so I thought she was being inhabited by the devil” says Emily.

“Oh no, Paul is the devil” Chelsea replies and Mike and Emily are startled and look at Teddy.

“Jesus Christ, no wonder you love setting things on fire. My best buddy is a demon, hey can I see your tail or your mighty fork, where is the fork?” Mike jokingly asks as the room is filled with laughter.

“She isn’t joking you know. In the afterlife I was a demon, I mean an inhabitant of the army of Darkness, Chelsea…I mean Jenny was with the force of light or you could say she was an angel” Teddy reveals.

“Now I am confused, I have to sleep now, hey Teddy don’t burn this apartment okay? Chelsea no flying since you’re an angel” says Emily as she walks towards her room.

“Me too, let me leave you two for a while, Teddy you have to show me that fork” whispers Mike as he heads out the room.

The reunited couple head towards the balcony and holding hands they look up at the sky.

“So now that we found each other where shall we go from here?” asks Chelsea as she leans her head on Teddy’s shoulders.

“Well, lets leave the past behind us and start all over again” Teddy replies and he looks at Chelsea and say “Hi my name is Teddy”.

Chelsea looks at Teddy and smiles at him. “Hello, I am Chelsea”.