Friday, April 11, 2008

JUST ME: Final Chapter


Paul Diaz

Chapter 11: Last Dance

One sunny day in March Kathleen went to visit Jonathan, but he was not at home. He was not at Charlie’s either but she knew there was only one last place to look. Kathleen visited Jonathan’s special place and found him there seated on the bench. She approached him but he didn’t even turn around to greet her.

“Jonathan can we talk” she said. Jonathan didn’t move an inch but answered “Okay”.

“I know you are mad at me so let me do the talking for now but please listen to me” she pleaded. Jonathan stood up and walked forward, “I’m not mad anymore, so there is no need for you to explain.”

Kathleen lost the momentum and was nervous; she knew he was still mad at her. “My birthday is coming up soon, I am turning 18, I will be having my debut party” she stated.

“Happy Birthday in advance” was all Jonathan said. Kathleen was struggling for words, there seemed to be a barrier already between them. “I would be happy if you could come to my party” she softly said.

“I am sorry Kathleen, but I wont be coming to your party” Jonathan said.

Kathleen started to cry and said “Jonathan please forgive me, I didn’t mean to hurt you I swear.”

“I think you know the way back so please leave. I want to be alone now” Jonathan said coldheartedly.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t like me anymore then I will leave!” Kathleen shouted.

Jonathan faced her and his eyes were covered with tears. “I don’t like you”.

Kathleen was so hurt that she turned around and ran away.

The day of the party arrived and Anne was with Kathleen in dressing room preparing.

“Hey Kath, you seem happy today” Anne commented. “I fell something great will happen, I just know it” Kathleen replied.

The ceremonies started and it was time for the dance. Eighteen men were lined up each holding a rose waiting their turn to dance with Kathleen. Tom was the last on the line holding a different rose, a white one.

As Kathleen danced with the each men she kept glancing over at the main entrance of the hall. There were only two men left, the seventeenth and eighteenth rose. Kathleen started to dance with the seventeenth guy but still stared at the door. She closed her eyes and prayed.

Anne went towards the door since she heard someone knocking. As she opened the door she was shocked to see Jonathan. Kathleen looked at the door but she could not see who Anne was speaking with.

“Jonathan, why are you here?” Anne asked.

“Where is Kathleen?” he simply replied.

“She is dancing, its almost over, Tom will be her last dance you should have come sooner” Anne said.

“Tom? I will be her last dance” Jonathan stated and he entered the hall and walked towards Tom. Anne followed him and handed another white rose then said “I don’t know what you’re trying to do but good luck” she whispered.

Kathleen saw Jonathan and was surprised; he had cut his hair and looked stunning. The music ended and Kathleen walked towards the two men with white roses on their hands.

“Hey fat boy, history is going to repeat itself today. So start running” Tom whispers to Jonathan but he didn’t reply.

Kathleen stood in front of the two men, and looked at them both. Everyone was excited to see who she would pick and the room became silent. He looked at Tom and smiled then moved one step closer towards him. Jonathan bowed his head and Tom smiled. Kathleen looked at Tom and said “I’m sorry” then she held Jonathan’s hand and pulled him. Jonathan was surprised and looked at Kathleen, they walked towards the center and the center and everyone was looking on.

The two of them were standing face to face in the middle of the hall, staring at each other’s eyes.

“You cut your hair, why?” she asked him.

“A pretty lady told me before that I look better with short hair” he answered.

“You still came even though you said you don’t like me anymore” Kathleen whispered.

“Why did you choose me?” Jonathan countered.

“I thought you don’t like me anymore” Kathleen repeated.

“Tom is there you can still change your mind” he said.

“You don’t like me anymore” she still whispered.

“Yes I said I don’t like you anymore” Jonathan revealed.

“Why did you come then?” Kathleen asked.

“Because I realized I was lying to myself when I said that. Kathleen I came because I love you” he finally said his true feelings.

Tears were starting to fill up Kathleen’s eyes. “I chose you because I love you too.”

She pulled his hands and placed them on her hips then placed her hands on his shoulders. The music began to play and everyone was teary eyed, some were clapping seeing them finally dance.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time to do this” she whispered. “This dance?” he asked her. “No this” she said and she moved her face closer towards his, their lips gently touched each other and finally met for the first time.

“JUST ME” she whispered and Jonathan looked her in the eye. “You read it didn’t you?” he asked her. She smiled and put her arms around his head. “I made my own version, listen closely” she said.


I wished from the start that you would ask me to dance

But I messed it up with my confusing glance

Those words you spoke did touch my heart, a smile in my face you did see

That smile was true and just for you and not for your departing plea.

I felt so bad when you ran away, how I wished that you did stay

So I saved my first kiss just for you, hoping we meet again someday

And so we did meet after a very long and I was surprised to see

After all the pain I did cause you, you still do like me

I promise you all my love for you and you alone

If ever I lose you again, id wish for a heart of stone

With this said I hope that you too could promise me

That in you heart it will only be JUST ME.

“I promise, Just you and me”

-The End-