Friday, April 11, 2008

JUST ME: Chapter 5


Paul Diaz

Chapter 5: Wishes

Kathleen woke up and looked at her watch; it was already two o’ clock in the afternoon.

“We missed lunch, are you hungry now?” Jonathan asked as he was still staring at her from the chair.

“A bit, wait have you been watching me sleep the whole time?” she asked him.

“Not really, when my eyes get tired I just come and watch you a little” Jonathan revealed.

“I am a big girl now, you don’t have to watch me sleep” Kathleen jokingly said.

“I could not help myself, watching you there like an angel, makes me feel good inside, makes me feel refreshed. What the heck am I saying again? Come on let’s go and eat” Jonathan said and he scratched his head as he headed towards the door.

“No wait, I have to go somewhere at three, so I need to go” she said.

“Come on just a little, I want to eat with you…uhm no I mean I don’t want to eat alone…it’s the same thing” Jonathan mumbles and Kathleen laughs loud and agrees to eat.

After eating Kathleen packed her things and headed towards the door and Jonathan followed.

“Mom I’m going to walk Kathleen to the village entrance!!!” Jonathan shouts before he closes the door.

“Hey Jon, I’m sorry I could not help you out but I promise tomorrow I will come early” she said.

“Tomorrow?” Jonathan asked and bowed his head.

“Oh do you have plans for tomorrow?” Kathleen asked and Jonathan took a deep breath and smiled.

“It’s not important, so shall I meet you in school again?” he said.

“No, I will come here early. Thank you for the meal and sorry I was not able to help out” Kathleen said but before Jonathan could reply there was a cab which Kathleen signaled and got in right away.

As the cab sped past Jonathan, he waited until the cab was out of sight before he turned around and headed home.

Tomorrow came and Kathleen made good of her promise, she arrived at Jonathan’s home at seven in the morning. She knocked at the door right away and was greeted by Jonathan’s mother.

“Hello Kathleen, he is not here, I am not sure where he went but you can ask Charlie” she said.

“Charlie?” Kathleen repeated.

“Oh Charlie is Jonathan’s best friend they grew up together, he might be there next door” Jonathan’s mom said.

“Okay ma’am I will go see if he is there” Kathleen said and she went straight to the house next door.

Charlie was outside washing the car of his dad and he noticed Kathleen approaching so turned off the water.

“You must be Kathleen, nice to meet you, I am Charlie” he said. Kathleen was surprised in the fact that Charlie knew her name.

“Yes, nice meeting you too. Is Jon here because he is not in their house?” she asked.

“Sorry he is not, but I think I know where you can find him. Let me accompany you” he said and he led Kathleen deeper towards the village.

“Where are we going?” Kathleen inquired.

“His special place. Don’t worry you will like it there trust me” Charlie ensures Kathleen.

The suddenly reach a dead end and Kathleen starts to get nervous.

“Just follow this path, and you will find him there. Don’t be scared its safe” Charlie points to a hidden path going to the forest.

“Okay I trust you” she said and starts to walk deeper inside the forest. She walked for a minute and was starting to get scared and she wanted to go back. She said to herself to just take one step at a time so she walked slowly and her body began trembling. She suddenly stopped and her jawed dropped on what she saw.

There was so much color as different kinds of flowers were all around. There was a stream flowing silently and on one edge of the stream there was Jonathan sitting on a bench just watching the water flow by.

“This place is amazing!!!” Kathleen voiced out and Jonathan was surprised so he stood up at once and turned around.

“How...I mean I’m sorry I must have dozed off. I went out for a jog this morning but I came here to visit and I fell asleep” Jonathan reasoned out.

“No, this is amazing, it’s so beautiful here. Is this a park how come there is a bench there?” she asked.

“I made this bench so I have someplace to sit on when I am here” he answered.

Kathleen sat on the bench and Jonathan sat beside her. “Too bad we have to go back and finish the research” she said.

“You know what forget about the research for now, come with me I want to show you something” he said and he stood up at once.

Kathleen followed Jonathan as they walked along the edge of the stream towards where the water was coming from. A minute later Kathleen became more ecstatic on what was in front of them.

“A waterfall! Wow! I have to take pictures!” she happily said as she took out her mobile phone which had a built-in camera. “You can take pictures later, take off your shoes and leave your bag here. If you think this is something wait till we go inside” he said.

“Go inside the waterfalls? Are you serious?” Kathleen asked in surprise. “Come on hurry take off your shoes” he said as he took his shoes off too.

They enter a cave and the sound of water splashing was so loud inside. As they go farther inside the cave brightens up and Kathleen saw an opening in the cave where the water was flowing downwards. She was so happy that she rushed towards the water and said “Jon is this water from the falls outside?” and Jonathan nodded. “When you place your face through the water then you can see outside” he said. Kathleen could not speak in amazement as she forced her hand through the water. Jonathan sat down and stretched his legs forward through the water. Kathleen immediately followed what he was doing and she started to laugh.

“I’m getting tickled by the water!” she said excitedly. “Hey Jon how did you find this amazing place?”

“I accidentally found this place one night as I was running” he said.

“I don’t mind the noisy water but I could sleep here you know” she adds.

“I did sleep here already” Jonathan suddenly reveals. Kathleen looked at Jonathan and asked “When?”

“On the day I night I found this place, right after the graduation ball” he again revealed. Kathleen suddenly felt a sharp pain on her chest and tears were about to fill her eyes. She could still remember what happened that night and now she understood how much pain Jonathan was in.

“Hey you wait here, I am going to take a picture of you, when I shout you force you face through the water okay?” he suddenly said and he rushed out of the cave. Kathleen still was motionless as tears began falling on her cheeks.

“Hey Kath can you hear me?!!!! I am ready!!!” she heard him shouting outside. Kathleen wipes her tears and stands up, she slowly lunges her face forward through the water. The pouring water hit her face, it was a bit strong but she forced her way through. She felt no more water hitting her eyes so she began to open them and she saw Jonathan focusing the camera towards her.

“Alright I got it! Wait for me there I am coming to get you!” Jonathan shouted.

As Jonathan arrive to pick her up Kathleen was still emotional. “Hold on to me its slippery and dark going back” he said and Kathleen grabbed his hand and Jonathan suddenly looked at her. Kathleen looked away and played innocent so Jonathan faced forward and the darkness hid his smile on his face.

They made their way back to the bench and sat down for a while to enjoy the scenery. The two of them remained silent for a while and Jonathan suddenly stood up.

“Come on lets get going” he said but Kathleen suddenly brought out her camera phone. “Since we are here can we take more pictures?” she asked. “You have already got lots of pictures” he said.

“No I mean a picture of both of us” she said shyly. Jonathan suddenly froze upon hearing those words but he sat back down and said “Alright, give me the camera”. Kathleen hands it over and she moves closer to Jonathan. Jonathan stretched his arm and tried to calculate the best spot. “I guess this should be fine, ready?” he asked and she inches closer smiling. Jonathan suddenly takes the picture and Kathleen reacted, “not fair! I was not ready yet. Take another one” she said. She moves closer a bit more and Jonathan was ready to take the shot. “Okay on three…one….two...” then Kathleen leans her head on Jonathan’s shoulder “...Three” and the picture was taken. Jonathan looked at Kathleen but she grabbed the phone at once to see the picture. “Perfect!” she said and she showed it to Jonathan who just smiled at her.

They arrived at his home, Jonathan knocked on the door but no one was responding. He turned the door knob and opened the door. “SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” everyone inside said in chorus. Jonathan was pulled and hugged by his mother as his father embraced them both. Jonathan looked back and saw Kathleen standing at the door ashamed to enter. “Kathleen come inside don’t be shy” says Charlie. Jonathan’s mother goes to Kathleen and leads her inside and introduces her to Jonathan’s father. Jonathan was surrounded by Charlie and his parents as Kathleen was still with the parents of Jonathan.

“Let’s eat!!!” shouts Charlie and everyone settled down. Jonathan’s mother led the prayer as everyone bowed their heads. After the prayer Charlie again shouted “Let’s eat!” as everyone started laughing.

Jonathan’s father brought in the cake with 17 candles all lit and glowing brightly, “Son, make a wish” his father said. “Is it necessary? I already had my wish granted.” Jonathan said. “Then make another one” his father urged him. Jonathan looked at Kathleen shortly and closed his eyes and blew the candles.

“Hey Jon tell us what you wished for!” Charlie said. “I can’t do that, If I do it might not come true” Jonathan replied. “So tell us about the wish that was granted then” Charlie insisted. Jonathan began to smile and shouted “Let’s eat!!!” Everyone enjoyed the food and while they were eating Jonathan’s mother was telling stories about her son’s childhood. Kathleen was enjoying what she was hearing since she was getting to know Jonathan better. Jonathan was begging his mother to stop and kept feeding her pieces of cake every time she was about to tell an embarrassing story.

Everyone was full and tired from laughing, Charlie suddenly rushed out and everyone wondered why but they all went to the living room and Jonathan’s mother continued telling tales about her son. A few minutes later Charlie came back and he was holding a guitar. “Hey Jon, Happy Birthday. Sorry I didn’t know how to wrap a guitar” Charlie said as he handed over the gift to the birthday boy. Jonathan was speechless upon receiving the guitar but he tested it at once and saw it was fine tuned. “Charlie thanks man” he said softly.

“Didn’t you have a guitar already?” Jonathan’s mother asked. “We accidentally smashed it when we were imitating those wrestlers on television” Charlie butted in and everybody laughed. “Kathleen did you know he can sing well?” Jonathan’s father told Kathleen. Kathleen was surprised and looked at Jonathan. “I didn’t know that. Jon can you sing for us then?” Kathleen asked him. Jonathan laughed and said “Don’t believe everything they say, they are just kidding you know”.

“Hey Jon how about the song you have been singing and singing over and over” Charlie said and once again grinned at Jonathan. “No. Sorry I can’t sing when I’m full” he answered and he laughed.

“Please. I want to hear it” Kathleen gently pleaded and Jonathan stared at her for a moment. Everyone was looking at Jonathan, Charlie was giggling like a girl and Kathleen started to speak once again. “It’s okay if you don’t want to”. Everyone became silent as Jonathan took a deep breath and started to strum the guitar.

“Is it okay if I call you mine just for a time…..” he started singing Paul McCrane’s famous hit song. Jonathan bowed his head while singing, looking at his hands as they shifted positions on the guitar. Kathleen was mesmerized with his voice, so she kept staring at him. Charlie was still giggling like a girl as he started to bring out a piece of paper and pen. As Jonathan finished singing everyone clapped except for Kathleen who was teary eyed.

“Is there something wrong Kathleen?” Jonathan asked her. “No, I was just moved by your singing.” She replied and Charlie started to whisper something in her ears. Kathleen smiled and nodded then Charlie whispered to Jonathan’s father’s ears. “What are you up to Charlie? This guitar is new you know, if you’re plotting something hideous then we just might find out how hard the wood of this guitar is” Jonathan jokingly threatened him. Jonathan was seated on the middle of the couch, on his left was Kathleen and on his right was his father. Charlie distanced himself and stood at the back and signaled his two accomplices.

Kathleen held Jonathan’s left arm as his right arm was held tightly by his father. “Charlie what are you up to?!” Jonathan asked but Charlie brought out another piece of paper and started to read.

“WISHES…by Jonathan Parker…..” he started.

“Charlie!!! SHUT UP!!! PLEASE DON’T!!!” Jonathan pleaded but Charlie continued on reading.


I may sound funny and I definitely sound lame.

I start acting funny when I hear them mention her name.

I wish to have the courage even to just say ‘hi’

Each time I try I fumble and I don’t know why.

Show her the special place where I relax and unwind

This place and she have something in common, they’re both hard to find

To make her listen to what my heart wants to say

To sing her the song entitled ‘Is it okay?’

I will cut this short and continue someday

When all these wishes have come my way

About her name I still cannot say

But here’s a clue, it starts with ‘K’

As Charlie finished reading the poem he ran out the door as fast as he can and everyone was smiling except Jonathan and Kathleen. Jonathan was so embarrassed and he was just staring at the ground. Kathleen was speechless and was just staring at him and she wanted to cry. What she heard was just like a confession but not done directly. She somehow felt happy since deep inside her she knew Jonathan liked her and she felt the same way too.

It was getting late and Kathleen had to go home already but they have not done anything about their research work that day.

“Jon about the research we can do it tomorrow in the library” she said.

“Tomorrow? If I were a mean professor I would count three days including the weekends so we will present tomorrow” he replied and Kathleen was shocked to hear what he said.

“You mean we have to finish the paper now? But there’s no more time I mean wait I can sleep over here if you want so we can do it. Oh my, I am sorry” she started to panic.

“Did you know that you are cute when you panic?” Jonathan commented. Kathleen froze and blushed. “Hey stop kidding now, this is a serious matter” she said but still she felt good inside. Jonathan told her to wait as he went to his room. After a minute he came back holding two folders and he asked her out to the garden.

“Here this is your copy and please read and understand this questions I made” he said and handed over the two folders to Kathleen. She scanned the contents of the folders and saw that the research paper was complete and ready. A feeling of amazement filled her mind as she smile but suddenly it was shrouded by the feeling of guilt since she had not contributed anything.

“I am so embarrassed right now” she murmured.

“What are you talking about?” Jonathan asked her. Kathleen scanned the next folder and said “It’s finished and I have not done anything at all.” Kathleen pouted and bowed her head in shame but Jonathan sat close to her and confided “I really am not used to working in groups, I am a loner you know that. Please don’t say you didn’t help, honestly you did. Without you I could not have worked that fast, I really was amazed with myself too. I didn’t feel tired even though I rushed it, I was happy doing it.”

Kathleen looked at him and said “How did I help?” Jonathan bowed his head and smiled; he looked away and said “Well you were my inspiration. I thought about you all the time while I was doing this. For the first time I was doing something not for myself, I was doing something for you as well so I was happy.” Jonathan slowly looked at Kathleen who was again teary eyed, his lips was trembling as he forced a smile to break the ice. Kathleen suddenly inched closer and kissed him on the cheeks.