Friday, April 11, 2008

JUST ME: Chapter 6


Paul Diaz

Chapter 6: Falling

The following day on their final subject the Professor entered the classroom in high spirits.

“Three day; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so the dynamic duo shall present today. What’s that expression on your faces the both of you? Not ready?” the Professor said but he was wrong.

Jonathan stood up with a wide grin on his face and went in front and presented their research work. The professor was clearly irked with the magnificent and flawless delivery. And when Jonathan was done presenting the professor smiled and called Kathleen in front for the question and answer portion, he grinned back at Jonathan as he ordered him out. Kathleen was the only one who would be answering questions he said. Jonathan went out of the classroom and closed the door, he leaned on the wall as he could hear the questions the professor was hurling at Kathleen and he smiled. After thirty minutes the door opened and their professor walked out, Jonathan held his head up high and smiled which irked the professor even further.

“Well done. You clearly read me this time. Don’t worry I will get you next time” he said.

Jonathan entered the noisy classroom as all the students were celebrating. The dynamic duo has slayed the dragon and Kathleen was being mobbed by the girls. Jonathan was surrounded by the boys and he was being congratulated. He looked at Kathleen and smile then gave a thumbs up sign to which Kathleen smiled back.

“Kathleen! You two were amazing! Well prepared too, I can’t believe those difficult questions he asked you but you answered them all!” Anne delightfully said.

“He is really amazing you know. He was right all the way.” Kathleen replied.

“What are you talking about?” Anne asked her.

“This morning Jonathan and I met at the library to prepare for today. Yesterday he knew we would present today because he said it’s what an evil person would want to do. Funny but I thought he was talking gibberish but he was right. This morning he told me to act dumb and nervous, we both did that. He said that once the professor sees us that way the more he would want to make us present today.” Kathleen said as Anne listened intently.

“He said he would do presentation so the professor would get pissed. He told me to act dumb and nervous as he was presenting so I did that. If the professor thinks I am nervous he would think I am the weakest link. Jonathan was right, he told me that the professor would set him aside or send him out and I would be the one answering the questions. He is really amazing that guy” Kathleen said as he once again smiled at Jonathan who was looking at her from afar.

“But you were amazing too Kath you were able to answer those difficult questions!” Anne added.

“No, it’s because of him. He prepared a several test questions and said he placed himself in the professor’s shoes and thought of the most difficult and sadistic questions. He likewise placed the answers to those questions and gave them to me for me to study yesterday. I can’t believe it myself it’s like a planned drama. It was perfect; I really loved the reaction of the professor as I answered all his questions. I wish Jonathan was inside to see them.” Kathleen sighed.

Anne couldn’t help but notice the sparkle in the eyes of Kathleen as she was looking at Jonathan. “Kath, you lied to me before right when you said you were just friend?” she asked.

Kathleen looked at Anne, she was guilty and could not deny any further. “I didn’t, we are just friends. It’s just that I liked him ever since we were in high school” she revealed and Anne was surprised to hear that.

“What? Since high school? When he was fat? You’re kidding me right?” Anne asked but Kathleen shook her head. “Are you serious or are you playing with me, this must be part of your plan the both of you huh” Anne said.

“No, it’s true, I liked him since high school” Kathleen insisted. “But what about the ball?” Anne inquired. Kathleen pouted and said “It was a misunderstanding, I got caught in the moment in what he said, I did not mean to smile to say I don’t want to dance with him. I smile because I was touched with what he said back then. I didn’t realize that I was smiling then he ran away. You saw me ran after him but he was not there anymore so I too didn’t come back to the ball” Kathleen revealed.

“I’m falling” Kathleen suddenly said and Anne looked at her curiously. “I just liked him then, I thought I lost him. When I saw him again I still liked him. Now as each day passes I’m falling in love with him.”

Anne could not say a word since she was jealous. She accepted the fact that she could not compete with Kathleen since she knew Jonathan liked her too.

“He likes you too, so don’t worry you two are going to end up together” Anne said with a heavy heart.

“I just wish he would take it slowly” Kathleen said softly. “Why would you want that?” Anne asked.

“It’s complicated.” Kathleen said as she stared at Jonathan who was cracking jokes with the other guys.

Kathleen went to the window and stared outside; Anne followed her and said “You really are in love with him aren’t you?” Kathleen simply smiled and said “He is so determined, he is intelligent, he is funny, and he has a great voice too” then she giggles. “I’m falling” Kathleen repeated.

“Then I will catch you” Kathleen was so shocked to hear Jonathan’s voice from her back. She stood frozen for a moment then turned around and smiled. “Everything you said that would happen did happen. You even thought in an evil manner, I mean planning things that way to embarrass the professor and make him feel so low, maybe you truly are evil” she said and Jonathan grinned and said “What if I am evil?” Kathleen blushes and moves closer to Jonathan, she puts her arms on his shoulders and moved her face closer to his. Jonathan could not believe what was happening even Anne who was still in the classroom staring at the two.

Their lips were so close in touching each other, Jonathan closed his eyes then he felt a kiss, a kiss on the cheek. He opened his eyes and saw Kathleen giggling and she said “Last night I kissed your left cheek, now it was the right one so there is balance”. Jonathan touched his right cheek and smiled. “Did I make your heart pound?” Kathleen suddenly asked him and Jonathan was caught speechless. She walked towards Anne and Jonathan was still there standing as he could not believe what just happened. Kathleen turned around once more and said “Mine did. See you tomorrow” and she and Anne left the classroom.