Friday, April 25, 2008

I Close My Eyes

I close my eyes...
by Paul Diaz

The Day is Dull and somewhat boring
I close my eyes,the mood starts changing.
Time passess by and nothings worth doing.
I close my eyes, suddenly im smiling.
Everytime I shut my eyes you suddenly appear.
Although were far apart with my eyes closed
you are here.

I stroll alone wandering the places we have been.
Each place i stop and linger on the memories that lie within.
I can see clearly. all the happiness that we had
But reality suddenly struck me, all alone, so sad.

You are in a new place, new sites you have gone to.
No memories of me i know because im not there with you.
So i do stay away from places where i do remember our past.
With my closed were together, how i hope this feeling wont last.

The only place we have in common is when we look up high
Sunny day or a cloudy one, we still both have the sky.
Whenever i look up the sky i wish you are looking too.
For in that magical moment together its me and you.

I close my eyes...