Friday, April 4, 2008

Beyond Forever: Final Chapter

Beyond Forever

Paul Diaz

Chapter 7: Beyond Forever

In the afterlife the two gods meet as planned, twenty three years after. A dark cloud engulfs the bright golden light as several lightning strikes fall from the heavens. The inhabitants from both sides move backwards as they watch their leaders battling it out. A heavy warm wind pushes everyone back further and further as the two immortal gods battle on.

“It seems that you are not in a good mood today Levias, what’s the matter?” asks Kato.

“Well, look at them, they found each other like what Paul promised. I didn’t see that coming to tell you honestly” Levias replies as he sits down near his brother.

“I did not believe it could happen with such odds but those two I think are inseparable, don’t you think?” asks Kato as he looks at his brother.

Kato stands up and silently walks away and heads towards his kingdom.

“Levias!!! Stop right there!!!” shouts Kato as he stands up and charges a ray of light spears to block Levias’ path.

“I am sorry brother, I know you will hate me for what is about to happen” says Levias as a dark black smoke engulfs him and he disappears.

“Levias!!! What have you done this time!!!? Tell me!!! Levias!!!!” Kato shouts in anger as thousands of lightning shards shoots towards the kingdom of darkness. Seeing his brother gone he falls on his knees and slams his fists on the ground.

It has been a year since their fated reunion and Chelsea and Teddy are about to get married. They dating for a year and they finally decided to spend the rest of their lives together. In one week the grand event of their lives will take place, but for the moment they are busy shopping for things they need.

“Come on Teddy, just one more store and I promise we will eat lunch” says Chelsea.

“One more store? That’s what you said three stores ago. Ok what if we eat lunch first then we can go to many more stores?” asks Teddy.

“No, come on just one more store, please Teddy?” Chelsea begs Teddy and he smiles at her.

As the two were about to enter the store several masked men rush out from the bank just across the street. The men had bags of money and huge guns and they were running towards the couple. Teddy did not see the commotion since he was ahead of Chelsea and was about to enter the store. Chelsea just stood their looking at the men as they get on their escape vehicle. One robber takes of his mask and looked at Chelsea.

“Hey that lady saw my face!!!” yelled the robber.

“Shoot her! Shoot her quick!!!” yelled another robber.

At that moment Teddy turned around and saw the unmasked robber point a gun at Chelsea. Chelsea stood their frightened and could not move. Time began to move slowly for Teddy as he jumps towards Chelsea, four loud bangs was heard and the people around dropped to the ground. The robbers made their escape, Teddy was embracing Chelsea on the ground and people started to stand up slowly. The police arrived late but suddenly Chelsea let out a loud scream.

“Someone help!!! Please!!! My Teddy’s been shot!!!” she shouts and starts to feel dizzy.

Chelsea opens her eyes and she is inside an ambulance with Teddy, the paramedic is pumping Teddy’s chest. She is in disarray, she is confused, she even did not know how she got there. Five minutes later the paramedic switches off the machines and comforts her. She does not understand the words the paramedic is telling her. Chelsea looks at Teddy and he is lifeless, she looks at the face of the paramedic and she clearly understands what has happened. Chelsea looks at Teddy again and tears start gushing out of her eyes. She falls unconscious.

One week later everyone gathered on a grassy garden near a church in Teddy’s hometown. All of his classmates through the years were all present. The huge mister Brown was still in shock as he comes late. Teddy’s mother is sobbing profusely and with the mother of Chelsea. Emily was beside the priest as everyone was waiting for Chelsea to arrive.

“Hey Mike why are you crying?”

“Shut up Teddy, I am not crying. Hey I am still your best bud right?” asks Mike.

“Of course you are, you too are my best man, hey here they come” replies Teddy as he gets ready.

The music started and white smoke started to surround the area. As the white smoke faded there in the center aisle emerged Chelsea with her father. Everyone was amazed to see how beautiful she was, they were clapping with fine effects. They walk down the aisle slowly and butterflies begin to come out from nowhere. Everyone was smiling and trying to touch the small butterflies. As they reached the altar Chelsea hugged her father tightly and her father faced Teddy and shook his hands. Teddy and Chelsea stood in front of the altar and the ceremonies began.

“Do you Theodore Adler take Chelsea Hopkins as your lawfully wedded wife…….till death do us part?”

“BEYOND FOREVER I DO!!!!” Teddy shouts out.

“You may now kiss the bride”

As their lips touched Teddy points upwards and everyone started to look up. Fireworks began to shoot up towards the sky and everyone was amazed. For five minutes everyone watched a fantastic display of light in the sky and then everyone rejoiced and clapped as the final firework formed a heart shape. As the fireworks faded they looked at the altar and the couple was still kissing and they were emitting a bright gold light.


“Nice work on the smoke entrance Kato” says Levias.

“Oh it was nothing but you did well on the butterflies, I never saw that soft side of yours when we were living.” Replies Kato.

“But I should say you overdid it when you let them glow suddenly, people might think they are aliens” exclaims Levias as he starts laughing.

“So I was just adding on to what you did to the fireworks, a heart shape? Indeed it was amazing to look at if I was human, but come on can they really produce that?” utters Kato and they both end up laughing.

They pause and watch the pond as images of Chelsea giving birth to their first child.

“Teddy what will we name him?” asks Chelsea.

Teddy looks up and smiles and says “He shall be named Levias”

“He named his first son after me?! What an honor I should say” shouts Levias with glee.

“Well I know Teddy knew you were responsible in giving his life back, but tell me why did you do it?” asks Kato.

“Well, lets just say I wanted to see them together more, and oh by the way every time we fight …I mean the show we put up for the rest to see….i always let you win” Levias reveals as he stands up and walks towards his Kingdom. “Farewell my brother, see you soon”