Friday, April 11, 2008

JUST ME: Chapter 1


Jonathan wiped his perspiration and took a deep breath. He was nervous and shaking all over, he bowed his head and said a little prayer. Jonathan was a fat boy yet the most intelligent in their batch. This day was their graduation ball and everyone was enjoying. He set his eyes towards the most beautiful girl in their graduating batch, Kathleen. She was adored by many and yet feared by most since she was the second most intelligent one.
Jonathan started walking towards Kathleen and everyone stood still and looked on. No one has ever asked Kathleen to dance and yet they were witnessing probably the first one to do so. As Jonathan was about six steps away Kathleen’s face suddenly changed, her smile faded and shock was now written all over her face. Jonathan bowed his head but still walked forward until he was standing in front of her.
“All this time I have never spoken to you, not a single word for I was really ashamed. Today I mustered up all the courage to do so and wanted to ask you for a dance but I already know your answer just by looking at your face. So if you do not mind, instead of saying no just smile once. Just one smile…just one...” Jonathan softly says and slowly looks at Kathleen.
Kathleen’s mouth was trembling and she suddenly smiled. Jonathan bowed his head again and turned around, he ran towards the door and everyone started laughing. Jonathan ran with all his might away from the school gymnasium, he ran far, he just kept running.
Chapter 1: Change
Jonathan stopped running, he was soaked wet with perspiration and he was breathing deeply. His long curly hair cover his eyes as he stooped down to stretch his back.
“Hey Jonathan breakfast is read, hurry up or you will be late for school!” His mother then hurried back inside the house as Jonathan briskly walked towards the door. It has been seven months since that fateful day when he started running. Every day he runs for one hour before he goes to school. He is now in his second semester of his first year in college. Those seven months of running changed him physically; he is now a changed man. Gone are the days where he had to succumb to daily discrimination due to his physique. In the past even though he was intellectually gifted all the people notice is his huge built. Recently he is enjoying a life free from unwanted stares and name calling.
Jonathan barely makes it on time for his first subject and takes a seat at the back of the classroom. First day of classes were usually boring, the instructor was usually late so the classroom was noisy. Jonathan was still shy so he preferred to be seated always at the back, this day as they waited for their instructor he just stared outside the window. The room suddenly became silent and as Jonathan looked in front he saw their instructor reading a list.
“Oh good morning everyone, I am Engineer Harold Rivera, I will be your instructor in Differential Calculus for this semester. Well looking at the list it seems we have the two top students in the Dean’s list here. Where is Mister Jonathan Parker?” says their instructor as he looks around the classroom.
Jonathan shyly raises his hands and everybody looks at him with amazement. “Oh there you are number one eh, so this is a big challenge for me” Engineer Rivera adds. “So where is Miss Kathleen Rollins then?”
Jonathan was startled to hear that name and he looked around the room for the first time. It has been seven months since he saw her, and he suddenly sees her as she raises her hands and looks at him and she smiles. Kathleen had become more beautiful, he could still remember that smile from the graduation ball and now she has smiled at him again for no reason at all.
As the bell rang everyone walked out of the classroom and headed towards their next class. Jonathan was the last one to leave and as he walked out of the door Kathleen was waiting for him.
“Hi, remember me? Where is your next class?” Kathleen asks as she starts to walk beside Jonathan.
Jonathan cannot believe that Kathleen is talking to him, maybe it’s because of his new physical appearance, indeed Jonathan has become more handsome and well built. “Oh, uhhmm its on room 204, Physics” he barely says. “Me too, come on lets go together.” Kathleen joyfully says as they walk towards room 204.
Jonathan enters the room and seats again at the back; he is shocked to see Kathleen sit beside him.
“Kathleen!” suddenly someone shouted. A petite girl walks towards them and says “Kathleen you have become prettier, oh is he your boyfriend?” she says. Kathleen smiled and replied “Hello Anne, don’t you remember him, its Jonathan!”. Anne stares at Jonathan and tries to remember his face. “Jonathan who? Sorry I don’t remember” she says. “Jonathan Parker, don’t you remember him?” Kathleen reveals and Anne was so surprised that she looked closer at Jonathan.
“Oh my you changed! You look so handsome now. Do you have a girlfriend?” Anne exclaims and then giggled. The door to the room closes and the Professors enters the class. Anne rushes towards her seat and stares back at Kathleen and waives. Jonathan then looks at Kathleen and sees her staring at him smiling. He shyly avoids eye contact and slowly looks forward.
“Jonathan can I take a look at your class schedule?” Kathleen asks Jonathan. Jonathan takes out his schedule and hands it over to her. She looks at it and smiles, “Look, at my schedule, we have the same classes daily.” She said and Jonathan checks the list and nods.
As their morning classes were over Kathleen and Jonathan head towards the building exit. Jonathan suddenly stops and says “I have to go somewhere now” and he scratches his head as he bows down. Kathleen replied “Oh ok, see you after lunch then, don’t be late okay?” and she stared and smiled at him.
“You have not changed a bit” he hears Kathleen whisper and she walks away smiling. Jonathan just stood there watching Kathleen walk away. Those last words of hers revolved around his mind making him so confused on what she meant. Although still confused he starts to walk away and a smirk appears on his face. In his mind this semester is going to be an exciting one.