Monday, April 28, 2008


Paul Diaz

She was just a friend who i started to admire

The perfect partner that would fulfill my heart's desire
I was ashamed so i never did admit
That she was the girl who would make my life complete

She started to love but that guy was not me
I gave up hope, maybe we werent meant to be
Reality i accepted i was contented as a friend
So much pain inside me, how i wish it would end

One day they broke up and she cried to no end
My shoulders were hers still i was just a friend
In her mind that guy she still cannot forget
I have to tell her now or i will live in regret

Wedding day came she was an angel in white
How come i was nervous, and shaking in freight
I knew that there was nothing else i could do
When i heard them say those words, "I DO"