Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beyond Forever: Chapter 5

Beyond Forever

Paul Diaz

Chapter 5: Two Hearts Calling

“Chel wake up! Chel! We are going to be late for the interview!” shouts Emily.

“Oh I overslept again, ever since we moved here I sleep well” says Chelsea as she rises from her bed.

The two ladies hurry to get dressed and leave for their job interviews. In the other room the two men just woke up. They too hurry to get refreshed and dressed for this is the first day of their work. As soon as they finish they rush towards the elevator.

“Hey Mike, thanks” says Teddy in a soft voice.

“Thanks for what?” asks Mike.

“Well for everything, for this place, for getting me a job, thanks” utters Teddy.

“Geez man no time for being dramatic, how many times have you saved me back then? Hey we are going to succeed no matter what okay?” Mike says and the doors of the elevator open and they quickly walk towards the main door. Teddy stops and heads towards the manager and says “Sir, I don’t know what magic your building has but I do enjoy my sleep every night”.

“Really now? You are the second one to tell me that today, I wonder if I should advertise that so I could increase the rent” answered the manager.

“Oh forget what I said, I have to go, sorry” says Teddy as he runs and catches up with Mike who is about to enter his car.

Mike was employed in big company because of his skills. Mike recommended Teddy to the company but at first they refused since Teddy’s records were not that impressive. Mike then told the company that it was a package deal, so the company took them both in; Mike worked in the system administration section while Teddy was assigned in clerical duties and deliveries. Teddy did not complain since among all the companies he tried to apply this was the only one that took him in, he did not know about the deal Mike made with the company.

It was already lunch time and the two ladies were eating in a nearby restaurant. They were celebrating for they both found jobs that would start the next day. As they were enjoying their food the two men enter the same restaurant and Teddy suddenly freezes.

“Hey Teddy what’s wrong with you, let’s go seat, and your blocking the entrance” says Mike.

“You know what Mike, I feel a rush in my body just now, something really good inside me” aswers Teddy as he slowly follows Mike.

“Hey Chel, what are you smiling about again?” cries Emily. But Chelsea does not answer but she keeps on smiling. She suddenly rises from her chair and looks around the restaurant, she then looks outside the window but she does not know who she is looking for.

“Mike, I can feel Jenny, yes it’s the same feeling in my dreams, and she is nearby Mike” Teddy gleefully utters.

“Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Quit it Teddy, so if she does exist then try calling out for her, use telepathy or heart magic, let’s see if something will happen” Mike exclaims.

“Did you hear that, someone was calling my name” declares Chelsea as she arises from her seat again looking around.

“Will you sit down; I heard it was Jenny, not Chelsea!” Emily says as she pulls her friend to sit down.

“You don’t understand, that’s the name Paul calls me in my dreams, he calls me Jenny” Chelsea tells Emily.

That evening Teddy went to the park to unwind as Mike headed to the apartment. In the girls’ room Chelsea walks towards the door and says “Hey Emily I’m going to the park I won’t take long I just want to unwind a bit!” and she hurries out.

Chelsea sat on a bench on the North part of the park while Teddy was on the south part. Both of them suddenly felt the same sensation just like during lunchtime. Both of them stand at the same time and smile, they start to walk around the park in search for each other. They were both going separate paths, Chelsea was going towards the south, and Teddy was heading for the north part. As Chelsea reaches the bench where Teddy sat she sits down and decides to wait instead. Teddy on the other hand reaches the North part and finds no one there so he decides to walk back towards the south. Ten minutes has passed and Chelsea looks up towards the sky and says “Paul, maybe it’s not yet time for us to meet” and she heads back towards the apartment.

A minute later Teddy reaches the bench where he was sitting on a while ago and sits down.

“Jenny please wait for me, I know I will find you, please wait for me”.

One week later on a dark foggy night Chelsea walks home. She has been working since nine in morning; it is already past nine in the evening. She is cold and hungry, her eyes are already heavy and she is barely dragging her feet towards their apartment. Just three blocks more she says to herself since she is feeling really weak already. In room 404 Teddy is soundly asleep while Mike is watching tv. Emily on the other room is getting ready for bed but still wondering where her friend is.

Two blocks away Chelsea walks then out of the darkness three men grab her. They cover her mouth and carry her towards a dark alley. She is too weak to fight them off but she still tries. The men pin her down on the ground as one man gags her mouth, the other holds her down as the other one starts undressing her. She cannot scream, she cannot fight back, and her only hope she calls out for Paul to save her. She screams Paul’s name in her mind continuously then she falls unconscious.

Chelsea opens her eyes and she looks around. She sees Emily asleep on a couch; she sits up and feels her body.

“Where am I?” she blurts out.

“Oh you are awake already, we are in a hospital dummy” answers Emily.

“Hospital? But it seems nothing happened to me, but I was about to be raped!” exclaims Chelsea.

“Relax, someone saved you, he even beat up those three guys, then he rushed you here. The hospital called me since I was your contact person. The doctor said you are just dehydrated.” Emily states.

“Who saved me? Where is he? What’s his name? Did you see him?” asks Chelsea.

“Sorry, but when I got here he already left. But he did stay for an hour said the nurse” says Emily.

Chelsea lays down and closes her eyes and begins to smile again.