Monday, August 24, 2009


To all readers,

We have reached a gentleman's agreement already and my stories have been taken down from the other sites.

I know my instant reaction was anger, who wouldnt? Yes i was irate but never resorted to vulgar comments. I do appreciate your concern, i really do.

Tulad ng lagi ko sinasabi baka pwede idaan sa pakiusap na wag kopyahin ang mga kwento ko.

This time ako naman hihiling sa inyo.

I know a lot read this blog, some nakakachat ko so i know them. The others remain anonymous at pareply reply lang minsan or nagpaparamdam sa mga ganitong situation.

Thank you for your concern, i do appreciate it.

But i think some have gone way beyond, so i repeat we already have had an agreement.

Nakikiusap ako sa inyo to please refrain from sending unwanted comments already.

Kung pwede makiusap na magsorry din kayo because he asked for forgiveness and i gave it.

In behalf of the readers of this blog i would like to apologize for unwanted remarks and comments due to anger perhaps and concern. I know some went overboard so ako nalang mag sorry in behalf of them

I know the readers are mature enough to do the same.

So, to the readers, show that you are man enough (for men) and mature enough (for both men and women) If you have said bad comments towards him then i think you should likewise apologize.

Ako na nauna, at uulitin ko I do apologize in behalf of the readers.

Sana naman sa mga nagcomment sa kanya do the same.

Yun lang request ko sana para matapos na lahat.

To the readers if you think you have gone a little bit too far then please apologize too.

Yun lang sana pakiusap ko sa inyo. Salamat ng marami.

In closing, to Jenald, sorry for the comments and messages of the readers. If they cannot apologize to you then I will do it in behalf of them.

To the readers you can send your apologies exactly where you sent him a message in the first place. If not then simply post your apologies in the comments section. I do hope you understand what i am trying to do here.