Thursday, August 27, 2009

Palms and Pockets (poem)

Palms and Pockets
by Paul Diaz

It took me some time to admit it to you
These feelings inside me that are so true
Such strong emotions gathered inside of me
In love with you i am completely

What made the occasion remarkable and oh so sweeter
Was when i told you and hearing your response after
I never expected those words from you
those four words you said, i love you too.

A mere mention of you name makes my heart pump faster
I wish time stops so i can be with you forever
Sleeping at night and dreaming of your smile
Makes waking up the next day and living worthwhile

But then one day that smile became crooked
I felt quite alone and then unwanted
You would still flash your smile when you look at me
With your back turned still smiling, but not at me

The lie shall set me free i tell you
the truth shall make me stay beside you
With that lie i have no choice but leave and let go
With the truth i can forgive and be forever with you

Am i in your palm that you hold close to your heart?
Or do you put me in your pocket when we are apart?
In you palms that is where i would like to be
Not in your pocket, only brought out when you need me

Whatever choice you make my love for you shall remain
Just pick one answer, there is no need to explain
Dont worry about my feelings, i will learn to forget
So tell me my love, am i in your palm or in your pocket?

(story coming out on November)