Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 15: Unbroken Promises

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 15: Unbroken Promises


“I wonder how Jennifer is doing?” Yehleen asked as she sipped a cup of hot coffee. John was slouched on his wheelchair, he could barely open his eyes for he was up all night. “I don’t know Yehl, I just hope nothing bad happens to her” he replied. “Did you dig up dirt on that William Gregory?” the doctor asked. “Nothing, his record is unquestionable, but I am not giving up” he told her.

Several agents rushed to the lounge which surprised the couple, “Quick turn on the television!” one yelled. Yehleen reached for the remote and turned the television on.

“Oh my God! Is that Jennifer?!!!” John asked. “Why is she kneeling on the street…oh no! Who are those men? Why are they pointing guns at her?” Yehleen asked. “Public execution” one agent said as all of them were shocked.

People who were watching at their homes sent messages to others to watch television, in a span of seconds the live feed was broadcasted nationwide. A few more seconds later it was broadcasted worldwide.

People on the streets walking, they focused their attention of the giant video board on one of the buildings. Others knocked on store windows to call for others to watch, cars stopped and seconds later hundreds of people were crying and screaming, they knew what was about to happen, they were all screaming hard, all wishing that they could be heard. Wishing that the men would not continue.

“I cant watch this” Kevin said as he turned around from the window. “Face front! This is what you requested so be a man and watch!” William said forcing the agent to face the window. “What are you waiting for?” the elder said on his phone and as soon as he blinked the first shot was fired.

It was like war as more guns were fired. Screams were louder around the city, around the world, pleading to the men to stop, but they could not be heard. “No!!! Make them stop!!!” Yehleen screamed as he planted her face in John’s chest. Everyone in the lounge was filled with anger as they watched their friend’s fate.

“John make them stop!!!” Yehleen pleaded but John couldn’t do anything but close his eyes and hug his fiancée. Only the ones who were brave enough continued watching, and as the guns stopped firing, they were the ones who saw something extraordinary.

“What the heck! Everyone look!” one agent shouted. John slowly opened his eyes and once he saw his friend’s face he started crying louder. Yehleen looked at his fiancée, she was used to seeing him cry, she was about to comfort him but she heard Sarah Kelly clearly say Frank’s name. Yehleen quickly looked at the television and there on the screen stood their friend, he was not dead.

The whole world erupted in joy as they saw Jennifer alive. In front of her stood the hero who they thought was dead, he was alive and he was angry. A minute ago the city was filled with screams, this time there was a state of euphoria. Lots of people cheered and clapped as Frank beat the men who fired at Jennifer. People who were close by ran towards the Shelton Hotel to see for themselves their risen hero.

Erick was punching and kicking the air, following Frank’s every move as Arnold watched him. “I taught him that move” the military officer said. Back at the FBI lounge John was doing the same, he was punching the air and everyone was surprised as he was able to kick. “John!!!” Yelheen screamed prompting her fiancée to stop.

“What is it Yehl?” he asked. The other agents were likewise didn’t believe what they saw, “John you kicked!” she said. “Yeah, I was imitating Frank” the man in the wheelchair said. “No! John, you kicked!” Yelheen reiterated. “I said I was imitating Frank, is that wrong?” John asked. “Hey John, you kicked” one agent told him and that is the only time the words sinked in John’s brain.

John looked at his legs, he could move them. Instead of witnessing the miracle, everyone’s attention was back at the television as Frank was speaking. Many did not listen to what he said, a lot were still in disbelief seeing him alive. He was alive and after his speech everyone started to laugh as Frank lifted his arm upwards.

They all saw him the first time he did that, they knew that he was the Frank that was thought of dead. They watched him die, they were seeing him alive, it was still him but seconds later the saw Jennifer hold on to him, and what they saw next made the whole world speechless.

The city that erupted in wild cheers fell silent, everyone looked on as Jennifer and Frank rose up to the air. Those who were in the area knew it wasn’t a movie, it was not special effects, they were witnessing something amazing right in front of them.

Frank and Jennifer were hugging each other as they rose to the clouds. To make their fateful reunion much sweeter, they kissed.

“Why did you let me wait?”

“I didn’t know how to explain it. I too was surprised”

“Stupid! I wouldn’t care less why…what is important is you are alive…I missed you so much”

“I watched over you always”

“I felt you…but they wouldn’t believe me”

“Now they will…I love you so much Jennifer…lets go home now”

“Look, they are all here to watch us”

The couple looked down and saw lots of people on top of buildings waving and cheering at them. More people were on the streets looking up so Frank looked at Jennifer. “Would you like to go closer?” he asked and she smiled at him. “The first time, it was real but you said I was dreaming” she whispered. “I am sorry I had to lie. I didnt know how to explain” Frank reasoned.

“They laughed at me when I told them that dream, show them that I was not dreaming Frank” Jennifer said and Frank smiled at her. The two flew around the city, people were happy to see them. The dead rose from the grave, a man that could fly, but they were not dreaming.

Several hours later at the Shelton Hotel suite two men were watching the news.

“This is just in Darrel, the gang member who pointed at Jennifer Appleby being the mastermind just recanted his story. Based on reports he was just following the plan of William Gregory, the alleged real mastermind behind all of the events. Darrel is now under police custody likewise the hospital where the thirty gang members were rushed to is heavily guarded by the military…”

William turned off the television and threw away the remote control. “What are we going to do?” Kevin asked. “I don’t know” William replied as he closed his eyes and leaned back. Seconds later his phone rang, “William! The cops are on the way there right now as we speak” Tina said. “Yes I know, thank you” the man said as he turned off his phone.

“What are we going to do now?” Kevin again asked. “We just wait” William replied as he felt lifeless on the couch. “What do you mean we wait? They are coming after us now!” the agent told him as there was a knock on the door and it was the cops. “Go open the door” William said. “What?! Are you just going to give up?” Kevin asked and before he could reply the door opened and cops pointed guns at them. “There is no need for gun pointing, I will come peacefully” William said as he raised both of his hands.

Kevin saw the William’s face, there was defeat written all over. He too raised him arms as Jeremy took his gun and badge. “You are a disgrace! If it was only me, I would not take you in. I would give you to Frank myself” the supervisor whispered.

Hours later Jennifer woke up, she wasn’t in a dark cell anymore, she was at a place she well remembered. The moon light brightened her room, she was not alone. Beside her was the man she loved, he was asleep and she still could not believe he was there.

Jennifer caressed Frank’s face, feeling his skin made her believe that she was not dreaming. Frank slowly opened his eyes and smiled, “I love you” she whispered. Frank looked towards the desk clock and saw the time, 3:16 AM.

“Remember back at the docks, we were talking until morning. You said you were sleepy but there I really didn’t want you to go to sleep for I wanted to tell you something. You turned your com off so I flew to your terrace, I saw you hug your pillow and I heard you whisper” Frank said and Jennifer was surprised.

“You heard me?” she asked and he smiled at her. “It was 3:16 in the morning. I wanted to reply and say I love you too but I didn’t want to scare you. I was so happy that time for those were the words I wanted to tell you but you said it first” he explained.

“That is why ever since we were together you woke me up the same time in the morning to tell me you love me?” she asked. “I am sorry, I am a bit sentimental, I know I can tell you anytime of the day I love you but 3:16 in the morning was just special for me. I lost love, and I didn’t know what was happening to me. I didn’t know if I was a freak, I didn’t know if I will be loved again. But that moment I felt loved” Frank said.

“You made me cry” Jennifer whispered. “I know I did, but I never broke my promise and I never will. Those tears you shed while I was gone were your last ones. I will never make you cry again”

“I am going to make you a promise, a promise that I am never going to break”

“I am never going to leave your side”