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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 19: Helpless

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 19: Helpless

“I don’t trust her at all!” Jennifer yelled as she paced the bunker. “Look, she is right. After she takes my blood there is nothing left for her. So I think she is telling the truth” Frank said as he tried to calm down his girlfriend.

“Well she is right, there is only one way up towards that place” John said as he showed them images on his notebook. “From that location we cannot position ourselves” Erick added. “You see! Look what you did! How are we supposed to help you?” Jennifer said.

“Jen, she is only after my blood. That’s it, I can go there and ask her to release them before they take my blood” Frank explained. “I still don’t trust her, it looks to easy” she said. “I know but it’s the only way to end all of this” Frank said.

“End all of this? You heard her and her intentions. You even explained that it would bring the world chaos. So how are you going to say its going to be all over?” the agent argued and Frank bowed his head.

“I know I put myself at a difficult spot but if we end this now then maybe we can plan out how to stop her later” he whispered. “I was not thinking straight, I rushed into her trap. I just really wanted this over so I can spend my time with you. I am sorry if I messed up” Frank added.

Jennifer saw the sadness in Frank’s eyes so she embraced him and kissed him on the cheek. “I am sorry Frank, I didn’t mean to be mean. I was just concerned about you. I really don’t trust her and I fear that she might do worse to you” she explained.

“You know that she cannot hurt me, the only way she can do that is if she hurts you. So lets just trust her so we can live normally” Frank said. Jennifer sighed and nodded her head, “Okay but promise me to come back safely” she said.

The moon was out and several vehicles were waiting on the gorge. Elaine was standing on the edge as she saw Frank flying in. As soon as he landed she clapped and nodded. “I almost forgot you could fly, I was expecting you to walk the long mile up here” she said. “what is the use of having abilities if I don’t use them?” Frank replied.

“Anyway I know you are worried about them so here they are” Elaine said as her men opened the van. Inside the van were Hannah, Michael and Rebecca all raring to come out but the men stopped them.

“Let them go, I am here” Frank said. “Oh it does not work that way. If I let them go what will stop you from beating us up?” Elaine asked. “So let me throw the same question at you then” he countered.

“You still don’t trust me?” she asked. “Fine, but let me speak to them” he said. Frank walked towards the van and checked on the three. “Are you okay?” he asked. Hannah nodded her head as Rebecca punched his arm. “You silly boy you didn’t even call me” she said and Frank laughed.

“I am sorry for this, but it will be all over soon” he told them as the men closed the door. “So you see that they have been well treated, shall we begin?” Elaine asked and he sighed. “Fine, make it quick” he said.

Some men brought out a stretcher where Frank was asked to lay down. Several empty blood bags were taken out of the trunk as Elaine took a chair and held Frank’s hand. “Before we begin Frank, you broke your promise” she told him.

“What do you mean I broke my promise?” he asked. “We caught her heading towards here” a man said as Frank turned to look he saw Jennifer. “I told you to come alone didn’t i?” Elaine said. “I am sorry I was just concerned and I don’t trust her at all!” Jennifer reasoned.

“Let her go, its okay” Elaine said and Frank was surprised. “I forgive you Frank, so now do you trust me? Let those in the van out too” Elaine ordered. “Now, they are free. Still worried? I will just take your blood and you five can leave this place together. How does that sound?” Elaine asked.

Frank looked at Jennifer and they both nodded. “You see I am not that evil. I may have evil intentions but I still do my part if there is an agreement. Now be still as I shall take your blood so you all could live happily ever after” she said.

After one bag was filled, Elaine sealed it and placed it inside a container. “Please bring Michael home to her mother” Elaine said and everyone was surprised. “Wait, are you really taking him home?” Frank asked. “Of course, its getting late so the child has to get some sleep. I am sure he is hungry so before you take him home get him what he wants” Elaine ordered as two men took Michael inside a car.

“Frank will you be okay?” Michael asked. “I will buddy, say hi to you mom for me okay? I will see you soon” Frank replied. “Are you really okay?” Jennifer asked as she saw Frank getting weaker. “I just feel weak, but I am okay” he replied.

“You feel weak? So you are still normal then even if you have those abilities” Elaine said as she smirked. “Get on with it” Frank said as the second bag was connected. Two bags later he was weaker, the two men returned and Frank was worried.

“I know, so here miss Appleby, call Michael’s house to check” Elaine said as she handed a phone to Jennifer. A minute later Jennifer turned off the phone and looked at Frank, “She is telling the truth” she whispered and Elaine smiled. “So ready for the last bag?” she asked and a weak Frank nodded.

After filling up the last bag, Elaine sealed the container and some men placed it inside the trunk. She quickly injected something in Frank’s arm and then more men took the ladies to the edge of the gorge.

“Muscle relaxant, it will temporary paralyze you so you can watch as they fall to their deaths” Elaine said. Hannah and Jennifer was screaming as they were being tied. “You bitch! You promised!” Frank said as he was trying to fight back but his body was not responding.

“I did, but once I saw you were getting weak as I drew your blood it made me see that you were ordinary too. So I want to make you feel the pain I felt when your mother made my father a vegetable. Oh, its going to be different, since three of them will be dying and you cant even save one of them” Elaine said as she laughed.

The three ladies’ legs were tied so as with their arms. They were positioned on the edge of the gorge with three meters distance from each other. Ropes were tied around their upper body that was attached to a metal rod planted on the ground. A rope was then tied to the back end of the car as Elaine was about to enter.

“As you can see Frank this is a long rope. Perfectly calculated until we exit the gorge entrance. Once my car reaches the entrance, its going to pull this rod and release the three to their deaths. Well don’t worry, for you I will tell my driver to move slowly so maybe you can crawl near to them and say goodbye” Elaine said as she entered her vehicle.

Frank struggled to get up but after a few steps he fell to the ground. “Frank! What is happening with you?” Jennifer asked. “I don’t want to die!” Hannah yelled. “I don’t know, I cant move my body so well. I feel so very weak” Frank said.

“Do you have your com piece? I dropped mine” Jennifer said. Frank reached inside his pocked and wore his ear piece. “Anybody I cant move and we need help badly” Frank said.

“Frank, tell me the situation” Nathan replied. “Dad? Is that you?” Frank asked. “Yes its me, tell me whats wrong?” he asked. “I cant explain in detail but I cant move my body. Jennifer, Hannah and Rebecca will fall off the gorge any moment now” he said as he tried to crawl towards the edge.

“Can you get to them?” Nathan asked. “I am doing my best but they are three meters apart. I can only get to one of them!” Frank screamed as he tried harder to reach the women. “Its okay my boy, I have lived a good life so save them two” Rebecca said.

“No, I wont let any of you fall!” Frank yelled. “Just hang on son, help is on the way” Nathan said. “Dad you better hurry!!!” Frank said. The pile of rope was getting thinner, Frank reached the metal rod but saw the rope was about to pull it. “Hold on!” he shouted as he tried to hold the three ropes attached to the women’s body.

Frank tried to grip the ropes but he had no power in his hands. “Damn it! I have no strength!” he said. “Its okay Frank, save Jennifer” Hannah said. “Yes my boy, I know its difficult to chose but save Jennifer” Rebecca added.

Frank tried to grip the ropes again but he just had no power to hold them. He heard the metal rod snap, and everything just happened in slow motion. Frank tried to grip the three ropes but his hands slipped. He slowly heard the three screaming as he watch their bodies start to fall.

“No!!!” Frank shouted as he slammed his fists on the ground. His voice echoed through the gorge. Frank was helpless, he could not even save one of them. He slammed his fists on the ground one more time as he tried to leap forward to try and save Jennifer.

Frank fell short but noticed the three women standing at an angle, their feet barely touching the edge. There were no ropes pulling their bodies and they have stopped screaming.

“Frank what did you do?” Jennifer asked. Frank was grimacing in pain as barely could not speak. “Frank? What is happening, why did you save me?” Hannah asked. “Duh! Open your eyes, he isn’t even touching us” Jennifer countered and Rebecca started laughing. “Silly boy, you are touching my private part” she said as the three laughed.

“I am sorry Rebecca but it’s not me…it’s my mind…aaaahhhh” Frank whispered.

“Frank is everyone alright? Be there in a minute I promise” Nathan was heard on the radio. “Dad, make it quick…aaahhh I can’t hold them all with my mind much longer!” he said.

“I knew you had that power too, good boy. Don’t worry, hang on a little bit longer my son. Erick too will be there shortly” Nathan said as Frank tried to focus his mind on the three. Blood started coming out of his nose and his mind was starting to lose grip of the three ladies.

Jennifer turned her head to look at Frank and saw him bleeding profusely through his nose. Frank was sprawled on the ground, his eyes were barely open as his fists remained clenched. “Frank! If its killing you, let go of me its okay” she said. “No! Let me go!” Hannah said. “Shut up! Just shut up the three of you” Frank said.

Frank was losing grip on the three but from above they heard a helicopter hover. “I cant hold on any longer” he whispered. The three ladies started to fall as Frank mustered all his strength to reach them. Erick rappelled down just in time to get a hold of Hannah. Frank leaped just in time to get a hold of Jennifer but Rebecca screamed as she fell off the gorge.

“No!!!” Frank screamed but Jennifer quickly hugged him. “You did what you could Frank” she whispered. “Relax boy she is safe” he heard his father say who just arrived with Arnold. “What do you mean she is safe?” Frank asked as he pulled Jennifer to safety.

“Trust me son she is safe” Nathan said.

At the bottom of the gorge Rebecca was clinging to the person that saved her life. “You can open your eyes now, we are on the ground” her savior said. The old lady opened her eyes and she was glad to be alive.

“Wait, who are you?” Rebecca asked. “I don’t have time to chitchat, here take this radio and tell them you are okay. I would appreciate it if you don’t tell about me” her savior said. Rebecca was about to speak but in a blink of an eye her savior was gone.

Several miles away Elaine was enjoying a glass of champagne inside her limo as the vehicle started to shake. “What the hell is happening? I ruined my dress, will you drive carefully!” she shouted. “It wasn’t me madam” the driver said and suddenly the car stopped.

“Why are you stopping?” she again asked. “Madam I have my foot on the pedal, I don’t know what is happening” the driver told her. The car shook heavily and Elaine held on to her seat. The two vehicles in front of them stopped and her bodyguards got out and started shooting.

“What are they shooting at?” she asked. Before her driver could answer Elaine saw a woman beat up her bodyguards. After the last man was beaten up the woman faced the limo, Elaine tried to lock all her doors but it was too late. The woman slammed her hands on the car and Elaine could not believe who she was seeing.

“You bitch! You hurt my Franky!!!”