Sunday, December 6, 2009

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 18: Checkmate

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 18: Checkmate

Three days have passed and Elaine has not made a move on Hannah. Frank was pacing around the bunker as his companions all looked at him.

“I don’t get it, what is taking them so long? Are you sure there is nothing odd on her security detail?” he asked and John shook his head. “Why are you so worried?” Yehleen asked.

“Well the longer it takes the more we relax and think they would not go after her. I don’t want them to catch us off guard” Frank said. “Maybe that is their plan” Jennifer told him. Frank paused and took a deep breath, “So let’s not let them, let’s take it to them” he said.

“What are you saying?” Jennifer asked. “I am saying that we attack now, we bring it to her” he said. “Are you crazy? How are we going to do that? We don’t even know where they are” John asked.

“William’s funeral is today, I am going to there alone” Frank said. “Hell no! I am coming with you” Erick said. “You promised me not to leave my side so you are taking me with you” Jennifer added.

“Guys, it will be easier if I go there alone. You can monitor me from afar so we can see what we are up against. It’s a funeral so we too have to pay respect to the dead even if he had evil intentions against Jennifer. I think I will be fine” Frank told them.

Jennifer looked at Frank and pouted, “I know how your powers work, still I want you to wear protective gear on your body. It would be odd for you to wear a helmet so with the body armor you can focus on your head” she whispered and Frank kissed her. “I want you to take charge of this operation” he said.

Three hours later at the city memorial park, there was a lone funeral ongoing. There were only four people present, Elaine, the priest and two grave workers. The priest was spraying holy water as Elaine placed a single flower on top of the coffin.

“So the friends didn’t show up because they were afraid to be associated to a terrorist” Frank said as he stood beside the woman. “Perhaps, or didn’t you even think he never had friends?” Elaine replied as the coffin was being lowered.

“So are you not even scared? I know what you did to my mother. I can easily make you two fit in that coffin” Frank whispered and Elaine laughed and looked at him. “I admit, I betrayed her but I never did anything bad to her” she replied. “I don’t know the real story but you tried to kill me” he told her.

“I did, but obviously I was outsmarted because here you are beside me” Elaine said. “I was with your parents for several months and I know you are not a mean person so you don’t have an evil bone in your body to harm me” she added. “You think?” Frank asked as he stared at her.

“And if you do I still believe you wont because I have someone important to you” Elaine said and Frank laughed. “Liar! I know you don’t have Hannah, I am sure of that” he said. Elaine took out her phone and dialed, “Hello, let me speak to her” she said. Elaine passed the phone to Frank, he listened to the voice at the other end and he closed his eyes.

“Rebecca, is that you?” he asked. “Frank? Oh Frank, you really are alive you silly boy!” the old woman replied. “Are you okay Rebecca?” he asked. “Of course I am. I didn’t want to believe these men since they said you wanted to see me. So when are we going to meet Frank?” the lady asked but Elaine grabbed the phone and turned it off.

“What do you want?” Frank asked and Elaine started to walk away. “Walk with me for a while” she said so he walked beside her. “Tell your men to stand down, as you can see I don’t have anyone with me. Between us two, I am harmless” she said. Frank raised his hand and Jennifer and the others stood down but listened in.

“I knew you would come to me today. You are just like your parents. I have been tracking you father ever since but I never found him. I knew if you hid I could not find you too. Taking leverage was the only way, I had to think like your mother, and oh yes she was very intelligent”

“Its true I did try to shoot her, but she was steps ahead of me. She knew I was a traitor and took away the bullets without me even knowing. Anyway, they made something I really wanted. For them it was a cure for you, for me it was a cure for my father”

“You see, my father was a soldier for this country. He acquired a rare disease which made him age faster than expected. I just wanted a piece of that serum to make him better. I told him about it and he had other things in mind. I am an only child, William was adopted because my father really wanted a son. He was greedy and had many plans for that serum, me I was just being obedient. I was trying to gain his love because you see he like William better because he was a man”

“So I had to say yes, because at that moment I felt him happy for me. Your mother was witty, she had planned everything from the start. She injected a fake serum in my father. It made him worse and he went into a comma. I want to bring him back so he can be proud of me. I really had nothing against your parents before but what your mother did to my father I cannot forgive and forget” Elaine said.

“If its about your father then maybe I can talk to my father. Maybe we can make him better” Frank suggested. “Its too late, people change Frank. This time I want more. You see I wasted my life for the soul purpose of looking for your father. At the same time I was trying to duplicate what your mother was able to create”

“I failed, I feel so worthless. I could have done so many things with my life. I could have made a name for myself. So now, I want what I deserve and more. I want to fulfill my father’s goal. I want him to be conscious to be able to see me achieve what he wanted” Elaine related.

“So what do you need?” Frank asked and Elaine looked at him. “Your blood” she said. “What are you going to do with it? I told you I can ask my father to give your father a serum” Frank reiterated.

“That is possible but you see your blood is better. I am sure it has mutated into something better and I want your blood to flow in my father’s veins to give him back his life. And from your blood we can extract and create a better serum that I am sure will make millions or even billions of money” she explained.

“You are the highest evolution, all the hidden potentials of an ordinary man has been unlocked with you” Elaine told him. “So you want everyone to be like me” Frank said. “Oh no, not everyone, only a selected few. Only those who can afford to pay, cant you see Frank its money that makes the world go round” she said.

“And there will always be greedy people who would want more. Greedy people who are willing to pay to make an army of men like me. Am I right?” Frank asked. “That is true but as long as they have money to pay why not? You see, it one nation has an army like you the other nations will be forced to make an army like you. Eventually it will all cancel out and little by little its going to be a standard”

“I know right now deep inside you feel different. But sooner or later you wont be alone anymore if you let me have your blood. We can even work with each other, we can have riches. I know you feel a big burden ahead, people will look up to you. You will not be able to live a normal life because they need you”

“What if you are not alone? What if there are others? You can just go spend you life with Jennifer and still be the original hero. I know you are wishing for a simple life right?” Elaine asked.

“You are planning to bring chaos to the world” Frank said and Elaine oddly looked at him. “You say the nations will be forced to build an army of extraordinary me, that is true but there are nations that will take advantage at once”

“Even if you say peace will reign so tell me why are nations trying to improve their weaponry? Why are they showcasing their strengths now and then? If there is real peace then there should be no need of weapon improvements. If there is real peace then why are there new weapons coming out often?”

“If there is peace, then why are nations building more weapons to defend themselves just in case war erupts. If they believe in real peace then the whole world should be complacent, but there is no real peace as long as there is greed”

“A lot of people know this that is why they make money in weapons. They know there will always be war. Some people even prevent wars from stopping, because their business will stop when the war stops. The fighting will never cease and there will always be people who would take advantage”

“So yes you are going to cause chaos with what you are planning” Frank said.

“I don’t need to be lectured by you. If you have a conscience, let me tell you I lost mine a long time ago so you cant force me to change by mere words” Elaine said. “What if I don’t agree?” Frank asked and the elder woman laughed.

“I saw the look on your face when you spoke to that old woman, so you cant lie to me boy” Elaine said. “People change like you said, what if I was just acting. She is just a friend, what if I don’t care what you do to her?” Frank told her.

“Well if that’s the case, you see its not only you who is wearing a communications device” Elaine said and Frank looked at her. “You see my first choice was indeed Hannah, but I changed my mind because I heard rumors that she broke your heart. So I thought you would not care less about her. But when you came and spoke her name that means you still care for her” Elaine told him.

“So what?” Frank asked. “My men are intelligent. I told them if ever they hear you say her name that is a signal for them to get her. If you don’t believe me then why not ask your friends” Elaine boldly said.

Jennifer quickly contacted John, “She is right, I can’t find Hannah anywhere” he said. Jennifer shook her head and pressed her communication button. “Frank they have her, I am sorry” she said.

Frank bowed his head and took a deep breath, “I am sure with your reaction your friends have verified what I said?” she asked. Frank angrily looked at Elaine and clenched his fists. “So now I have your full attention, don’t worry I know how it feels to be outsmarted. You mother gave me that experience a long time ago. Will you now listen to me?” she said.

“I want you to come alone later this evening. You will have to come with me in exchange for three lives” Elaine said and Frank was surprised. “What do you mean three lives?” he asked.

“Well you see I am very cautious, I am not contented with the old lady and your old flame so I also instructed my men to get that little boy, Michael” she said and Frank grabbed her arm. “He is just a kid, let him go!” he shouted.

“Relax dear, I have no intention of hurting them as long as you come alone later. The City Gorge, a high open space, there is only one way towards it so I will know if you are not alone” Elaine told him.

“How will I know if you really will let them go after getting my blood?” he asked. “Well after I get your blood what is still there in it for me? They are useless to me after. Its just about your blood and I am not just talking about a sample Frank”

“Lots of your blood to be exact”