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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 17: Strategic War

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 17: Strategic War

“Alleged terrorist and mastermind, William Gregory is dead. The former government agent has been found lifeless inside his prison cell this early morning. According to the guards, they found the prisoner lying on the floor, his bed sheet twisted around his neck. Crime scene investigators are on site and at first sight it seems to be a suicide. The authorities are still trying to find out if foul play was involved. This is Sarah Kelly reporting live from the Maximum Security Prison”

Elaine turned off the television and faced her five companions. “Well that is the least of our worries” she said. “Did you have a hand at that incident?” the Russian asked. “I wish I did but little brother may have succumbed to the pressure and decided to end his life, anyway its not time to get emotional. Remember he failed you, and I am not here to do the same” the woman said.

“So if what you said is true we will be able to create super soldiers?” the Chinese man asked. “You saw what Frank was capable of, thirty years ago he was not supposed to last one week as a baby. Look at him now. I worked with his parents but they were too careful. I have been looking for his father ever since, Francesca made 4 serums, if they gave Frank one then there are three more and I am sure Nathan Miller would not be dumb enough to get rid of it”

“If he did then our best chance is to get Frank, we draw his blood and I can do the rest. My father’s life is depending on this and likewise we will be able to make billions” Elaine explained and the five men liked what they heard.

“We can try and draw them out at the same time” the Indian national said. “I have been searching for Nathan Miller for thirty years, do you think we will be able to just find him or draw him out that easy? For Frank it is easier, if we take someone he cares for then he might come out. If we get Frank then maybe Nathan Miller comes out. So I say we go for Frank” Elaine explained.

“The easiest ones to get to are that lady doctor and her crippled hubby”

At the Appleby residence the dining table was full, there was no food present but everyone had serious faces.

“The underground shelter has been set up, we can transfer there in the afternoon” Erick said. “We shall all go there and hide, but first we have to get John and Yehleen killed” Frank said and everyone nodded.

“John and Yehleen I hope you understand, they will be targeting you two first since you two are intellectual agents. So you two have to die in front of their eyes so that you two will be crossed of their list” Frank explained.

“We should not allow them to gain any leverage. I don’t want to be put in the position where I will be fighting against myself. I may be tough as nails but I too have a conscience and I don’t want that to be my downfall. So please everyone help me out” Frank added.

“So how are we going to die?” John asked and Frank laid out a map on the table. “Just like the movies my friend and I think you are going to like it. It will take practice though, we should be ready anytime, so practice starts this afternoon” Frank told him.

Three days after, John and Yehleen ended their work day. Their vehicle was about to exit the FBI building, Yehleen pressed her com button, “Everything is clear at the exit way” she said. “Roger that, still be alert” Erick radioed back.

John drove the car, the two of them acted normally but their eyes were constantly moving. A minute later John noticed a car following them, “Valiant, I think we have a bogey at our back” he said. “Roger that, they have been trailing you since you left the office” the major said.

“So this is it, hey Erick I am a bit scared all of a sudden” John said. “John, we have practiced this. Its in your hands now, if it fails don’t worry Frank and I will be there” Erick assured him. Yehleen leaned over to her fiancée and kissed him on the cheek. “We can do this John” she whispered. “Erick, is everything set then?” John asked as he smiled at Yehleen. “Everything is in play, you know what to do” the major replied.

The couple’s vehicle headed towards the docks area, several huge trucks were on the road and the vehicle trailing them was still there. John sped up and overtook one long trailer truck, the men trailing them couldn’t follow since there was heavy traffic going the other way.

John’s vehicle was sandwiched between two huge trailer trucks, the cargo door of the truck in front opened and a similar vehicle to John’s was coming out. A few seconds later the similar vehicle overtook the truck in front making sure the men following were able to see them. John was able to enter the trailer of the truck and as soon as the vehicle was in the door closed.

The second truck changed lanes making the trailing vehicle to overtake the first truck. They were now trailing the dummy vehicle. The dummy vehicle sped up and started swerving a little, “Hey Frank! What are you doing?” Erick asked on the radio. “Its not easy to control that vehicle so relax!” Frank snapped.

Back at the trailing vehicle the passenger was on his phone, “Madam I think they spotted us” he said. “Stupid! Follow them but I need them alive do you understand?!” Elaine shouted. “Follow them!” he instructed the driver.

The dummy car increased in speed and the men followed them. They were approaching a crossing, the light shifter from yellow to red but the dummy car didn’t stop. The driver of the trailing vehicle slammed oh the brakes and grimaced, “They are not going to make it!!!” he shouted.

The dummy vehicle was hit by a fast crossing truck causing it to spin wildly towards the steel barrier of the road. The impact was strong which caused the dummy vehicle to catch flames. The two men in the trailing vehicle stepped out and ran towards the burning car but before they could get close the vehicle exploded. The two were thrown back, they managed to get back at their vehicle to watch the vehicle they were trailing to be engulfed in flames.

Elaine was enjoying early dinner with the five men when her phone rang. “Madam, something happened. They are dead” the man on the line said. “What!!?” the elder woman shouted as she slammed her hand on the table. “We were giving chase, they ran the red light and they got hit by a truck. We are watching their vehicle in flames right now and no one stepped out” the man told her.

Elaine sighed and held her forehead, she turned off her phone and looked at her companions. “The doctor and the crippled are dead” she said. “Well go for the military officer” Demitri said. “We cant, he has been deployed to Afghanistan this morning” Elaine said.

“Isnt there any one left close to Frank?” one asked and Elaine stared at him. She took her phone and began to dial. “Proceed to the next target, and this time I want her alive do you understand?” Elaine said.

Back at the underground bunker everyone gathered, John was pouting and shaking his head and Frank noticed it. “Whats wrong?” he asked. “I wanted your new toy” John replied and everyone started laughing. “You are like a kid, grow up” Jennifer said.

“I just wished you didn’t have to destroy that car. I really like it” John repeated. “When all of this is over I can make a new one” Frank said. “I don’t get it, you are already able to drive a car, this time you want one that is remote controlled?” Yehleen asked and John smiled. “A kid at heart my love” he uttered.

“Anyway everything is set, this time they only have one target left” Frank said as he took out Hannah’s photo. “Why isn’t she here with us? Are you using her as bait?” Jennifer asked. “Maybe he is still bitter” Yehleen teased and Frank shook his head.

“Hannah has high security that we don’t have. She is heavily guarded unlike us. If they are going to target her they will want her alive so there is nothing to worry about” Frank said. “Yes but still, if they manage to get to her you will be forced to come out” John said.

“That is one way to look at it, but look if they are able to get her then we can gauge what they are really capable off. We know who they are but I am sure the list does not stop there. They have connections, so if they are to take Hannah successfully we will know what they can do and we can be prepared for them”

“I know it looks bad, sacrificing her but sometimes it has to be done” Frank said. “Just like in chess, you have to sacrifice a piece to learn more of your opponent’s plan or capabilities” John added. “This isn’t a game” Yehleen uttered.

“I know it isn’t a game but if we take everyone into hiding then how are we going to get them? Right now we cant even pin anything on them. All paper trails ended with William and Rahim. I cant just tell the cops that she had something to do with the death of my mother. That was years ago and they would laugh at me if I do so” Frank explained.

“Or are you doing this so that when they get her you would go save her. You shall become her hero. Is that your plan?” Jennifer asked as she stood up and walked out of the room. “Oh boy she has a point” Yelheen said.

Jennifer locked herself in a room and Frank kept knocking at the door. “Jen please open the door. You know I can easily tear this down” he said. “Go away! I already read your plan!” Jennifer shouted. “Its not that, please open the door Jennifer” Frank pleaded.

A few seconds later the door opened but Jennifer ran to the bed and sat down. In her hand was Hannah’s picture, Frank sat down beside her and tried to take the photo. “You are trying to be her hero, you are hoping that she will fall in love with you again” Jennifer murmured.

“That is not true” Frank said. “Not true? Then what is the purpose of all of these? If they get her then you will go to them. Then what Frank?!” Jennifer yelled. “I already told you the reason” Frank replied.

“That is too shallow! Then what? You go save her? Then what? You will be forced to yield, to surrender and oh it will make Hannah feel so good. You know what you don’t have to do that. We had a talk before and she told me she is still in love with you. You don’t have to do all these, why not just take her and you two go hide!” Jennifer lashed at him.

“Why are you saying these all of a sudden?” Frank asked. “Once we know what they are capable off then we can plan our attack. Yes its going to be a rescue too but the point is we are going to get them. Look Jen, I don’t have feelings for Hannah anymore. You are the one that I love” Frank explained.

“Easy for you to say. Your life revolved around her for eight long years! I don’t believe you when you say you have no feelings for her anymore. She still loves you! Me? Maybe I am just your excuse” Jennifer said.

“Don’t say that! Yes my life revolved around her but that was the past. My life has been dislodged from that orbit and took your orbit, and I want my life to revolve you and you alone until I die” Frank said.

“I could have easily flew us away into hiding but they still would get the chance to hurt me through our friends and loved ones. I could easily not care about the others, I can do that but if ever something happens to them I would take the guilt to my grave”

“That is why I want to stop them. And when we succeed, then all my time, all my attention will be yours alone. I love you very much Jennifer, these are not mere words. Leave the past where it is, you are my present and the only one I see myself spending the rest of my life with” Frank told her.

Jennifer smiled and caressed Frank’s face, “The past is the past?” she asked.

“I am in your orbit, and this is where I want to stay forever”

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